Officially the Auto Meter is down in Belgaum

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The auto drivers will have to register their names and get a receipt that their auto meters are being repaired which will have the date and time mentioned on which th said meter would be repaired. However there has been no fixed time frame issued for this. On the issue of mini bus/tempos the DC Jayram asked RTO to follow the 16 kms rule strictly which will not allow them to enter into the city.

Also the demand for hiking the auto fare as demanded by the Auto drivers to Rs.25 minimum and Rs.15 per km would be decided at a later stage.
Since yesterday the autos are plying but no one using the meters which is wrong.
The citizens now should act on this and only sit in a Auto which agrees for going by meter otherwise this entire exercise would be a farce.

Hence currently Belgaum mein Auo ka Meter Down hai with Minimum fare Rs.20 for 2 kms and then Rs.10 for the next 1 km.

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  1. Auto drivers are not implementing the meter and still have to bargain what do i do. Has it helped the common man, and one person said that time is extended for us. What’s happening. Total confusion.


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