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Ola Cabs fined in Belagavi

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The RTO and Traffic police have fined Ola Cabs saying they dont have a valid permit to operate as taxis in the city.

About 27 taxis are on the roads as Ola Cabs in the city.olacabs-belagavi

They were sort of boon to the travellers who were bugged up with the AUTOcracy. But the vigilant RTO and Police have seized and fined these cabs.

Recently the Auto drivers had a fight at the railway station when a group of passengers declined the pre paid booth auto and took a cab from there.

The Police on paper might say that Autos are plying as per meter but in reality it is not. The pre paid booth at station and CBT are working but the one at Ramdev isn’t.

Traffic police has also stopped the private bus operators from picking up passengers from various locations which is a major cause of concern for the travellers.

Hope the Traffic police too look into the auto meter with same zeal as they fined the Cabs.

3 thoughts on “Ola Cabs fined in Belagavi”

  1. Yes very much instead of the Ola Cabs being fined the auto guys should be done so for not charging according to meter. This morning at 8.00 I had to take an Auto from Sadashiv Nagar to Radio Complex for medical check up. It would cost me not more than 30 Rs to 40 Rs max. by meter. But I had to pay 70 Rs for the same. I called for an Auto which came asked him and sat in it. The moment it moved I asked why is the meter not down. He arrogantly said no meter will be down here. If you want take my name and Auto number and complaint where ever you want to or get down. I was shocked to here it. No body to tame them. Now I ask where are the police, where is the law and so on. Very up set with thing.

  2. Ola cabs are doing a fantastic job in Bangalore.Citizens of Belgaum should utilize services and encourage them


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