OLA drivers terrified of Local Auto drivers ask commuters to come away from Bus stand

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Auto Rikshaws in the city of Belagavi are known for their arrogance and Autocratic behavior and many are used to it, since ages no one has bothered to look into this simple issue of Law and order where the rules have to be asked to followed. Now these Auto drivers also harass and threaten the OLA cab drivers, this is not new and we have already reported such instances earlier as well.

Vinayak Bhosale shared this Tweet which makes us worry where are we living and is there any law and order in this city.

Vinayak’s tweet mentions – OLA cab Driver denied to pick me from CBT bus stand Belagavi by saying Rickshaw drivers ll harass him. Later asked to come some 200 meters away from bus stop. Driver told me even DC ,SP, RTO none are helping OLA.

So to avoid harassment the OLA driver calls the commuters to come 200-300 meters away from the Bus stand. The same thing happens at Ramdev and Railway station.

RC Akshata also shared

Even I faced the same issues.. the driver asked me to come 100mtrs forward from autorickshaw stand. I had to take ola since I was with 2 family members with so many luggages. Can anyone help on this.

Vinayak further tweeted
in the late night Malaysian girls have booked ola cab near yellur and auto drivers canceled their journey even when ola driver asked them to come some meters away. But still then auto drivers not let them to board.(The driver of the OLA said).

One more tweet said,

Sharing the detail of cab driver. Similar harassment is there near ramdev, CBT, bogarves. Ola officials had official meeting with DC as well but there is no out coming. None of the autos ll put meter in Belgaum.

One should see the way of parking near CBT and even City bus stand, none of the police dare (yes we are thoughtfully using this word) to keep them away.

Arpan Satapathy said
Experienced it numerous times, I’ve to catch the Ola from either Fort or I prefer to get alighted at RTO Circle. 
It’s not driver’s fault. But the Ola management and City’s management. Once as instant driver was pleading me and crying that he’ll not come to CBT, auto drivers beat him devastatingly. Ola should take action or either tie with Autowalas to start either OLA Autos. Even the Management is sleeping, they simply ignore the malpractices.

Anand Rajput said, I had same experience last time. I came 200 meters away from bus stand but regular auto drivers followed me and told that they will not let that driver pick me up. OLA driver was too scared to come there and I had to cancel my ola booking. Somehow regular autowala agreed to drop me for same charge as OLA. I don’t understand why ola drivers accept bookings if they can’t pickup from bust stand. May be just to make money from cancelled Rides??? Regular autowala told me that they have backing from MLA Firoz Sait and no one can touch them..

Pavan Kulkarni said, I had also experienced same problem in Belgaum. Booked ola from railway station. The ola driver called me and told to come outside station bcoz auto drivers will start fighting.

Akshata Sharma mentioned that Even I experienced the same issue.. the driver asked me to come 100 mtrs forward from autorickshaw stand. I had to take ola since I was with 2 family members with so many luggages. Commissioner of Police, Belgaum City .. can you please help on this.

So the question here, Is there any law prevailing in this city or is it a Lawless city where the Autocratic Auto drivers can behave in any manner they want?

The RTO, Police never want to act and so are the elected representatives. Its all about Vote bank ofcourse, but don’t the citizens have the right to travel as per their choice when the law of the country permits Taxi services such as OLA. When by law they can work then why is that they are been harassed. Infact if the OLA or similar services were given more scope and protection today the Auto Menace could have been curtailed.

RTO does not know the exact number of Autos plying on the road which is a joke on its own. 6500 or 7500 or 10,000 no exact figure.

May be its time to Ask the politicians contesting for the Assembly elections
Will he implement the Auto fare by meter and also give protection to the other sources of Travel such as OLA ?

11 thoughts on “OLA drivers terrified of Local Auto drivers ask commuters to come away from Bus stand”

  1. Hi can you please recommend any govt site to complaint against rickshaw walas?coz they park anywhere in front of anyone’s house and have a lots of bad attitude… Stand in groups doesn’t look good when living in a Colony

  2. They ask money as if they owed us..!
    I wanted to travel from CBT to patson (old pb road) which is hardly 3kms
    They asked me to pay ₹140 and that was in the evening around 6pm.. damn! Having no other option I had to walk all the way to home
    (As I am a student and don’t usually carry a lot of money with me)

  3. I hv faced a worst situation @Dmart 3rd gate auto drives r like gundda mavalli kind ty threatn people for booking ola if u book 2 autos nd if u cancl 1 ty just come on lik ty own u and start 2 fight…litrly ola cab drives r scared lik hell ty just say no we cant pick u frm the location booked…i just just chngd 2 otr location nd booked the cab nd requested him to pick me up sayng tht if any 1asks u just tell tht i m owner of the vehicle….
    If auto drivers hv such big prblms wy dont ty use meter evrybdy will happly accpt tr service…strict action should be tkn on ts situation…

  4. Law and order are the key elemens. Law gets on large binders but there is none to carry out those orders. Before someone comes up with the law have it structured so that there is enough support group who can honestly enforce it not expecting bribe or the free monetary handouts. Bribe is the major culprit in many broken laws.

  5. Auto drivers are having a free run in Belgaum.They are aware that even police do not have the guts to tackle them.They drive freely in one ways, refuse to ply on meters,their minimum fare is Rs50/-, carry eight to ten passengers with two of them sitting on either side of the auto driver, drive rashly, overtake from anywhere brushing the pedestrians, scooterists flouting all the rules. The police are mute spectators. Police show their clout only on the hapless motorists, two wheelers for not wearing seat belt, helmet etc. But they cannot see the autos brazenly flouting all rules. Very recently police had announced that all permits of autos would be verified.Whether it was done, what is the outcome?
    I sincerely request the police to take action against the erring autos and ensure that they ply on meters.

  6. Seems police has worn glasses of Horse which can only see and catch bike riders without helmets. Police wale Babu require NASA telescope to see Auto Wallas. Good governance, I think all government authorities have blocked AAB so they can’t see and read the article and related comments posted on AAB site. Request the editor of the site to cross check with authorities if their server is blocking AAB?

  7. Police is a law and order body they should not bend by any political leaders the should care the common citizens. And control the rowdiness of auto drivers and apply them all the SOP to follow.


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