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Baaghi 2 Review: It’s mass time on a Good Friday, a movie for the masses

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It’s mass time on a Good Friday, a movie for the masses has been released.

What’s Good: Baaghi 2 has everything that a movie for the masses has: Romance, Action, Twists, turns and few patriotic scenes for the audience to whistle for. Coming to the story, it has been adapted (when you copy legally) from a tamil hit. The movie has twists and are rightly placed. The twists actually break the monotony and doubts your predictions. Disha adds glamour and Tiger handles the action thus maintaining the balance. Songs are good, background score does it’s job to thrill you. Appreciable cinematography. You don’t get bored during the 155 minutes and the credit goes to the director.



What’s Bad: A same expression on his face throughout the movie, Tiger definitely needs to work on this. You laugh at few serious scenes, when Tiger couldn’t perform it well. The second half is loaded by action, hence it may seem a bit over to non action lovers.

Verdict: Ignoring the few flaws, Baaghi 2 is definitely a one time watch. It’s made for the masses and will cross the 100 crore mark for sure.

Hit with 3 stars !!


2 thoughts on “Baaghi 2 Review: It’s mass time on a Good Friday, a movie for the masses”

  1. Please don’t fool the innocent people to waste thier money on this shit
    . Please please for god sake let this country grow my brains and let other call us developed nation. Mediocre thinking and mediocre review

  2. Commandos are tarined to give no expressions so he acted like tahat. Pls watch discovery beacking point Training school belgaum. U will understand how they are trained


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