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Truck laden with Cookers with Laxmi Hebbalkar photo seized

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A truck laden with Cookers which had the photos of Laxmi Hebbalkar of the Indian National Congress on them has been seized in Sadashiv Nagar area of Belagavi.

Anil Benake of the BJP informed the Election commission officials but for over 30 minutes no one arrived at the spot and later two police men arrived. It was after almost 45 mins that the election commission officials came and seized the truck.


Just after four days of the model code of conduct coming into force, the seizure of this truck which has photos of Belagavi Rural aspirant Laxmi Hebbalkar on it, is an embarrassment to the Congress.

In February Deccan Chronicle had made a story which said thousands of cookers have been distributed all through the night in many areas of Belagavi Rural allegedly by Ms Laxmi Hebbalkar, president of the State Women’s Congress Cell, who has been unofficially declared the party candidate from the constituency. Packed in attractive gift boxes with a photograph of Ms Hebbalkar on them, the cookers are finding their way to the homes of voters and several women on Belagavi’s outskirts were spotted carrying the boxes. Worse, in an embarrassment for the Congress, a video-clip showing Ms Hebbalkar’s son, Mrinal Hebbalkar supervising the distribution of cookers among a large number of women went viral on social media on Tuesday.  It showed a truckload of cookers being brought to a locality and several leaders headed by Mrinal Hebbalkar appealing with folding hands to each woman receiving the  gift box to vote for Ms Laxmi Hebbalkar. 

7 thoughts on “Truck laden with Cookers with Laxmi Hebbalkar photo seized”

    • Plz don’t downplay the crime… We have always uttered such things and have always washed our hands by downplaying what politicians do.. Let us change… Let us not vote such people… Whichever party….

      • Well then all are tainted candidates and NOTA is not the option.
        If there was any rule or something like if a certain percentage of votes are for NOTA then there would be a re election for that constituency or all the candidates should be debared from any re election.. If this was the case then NOTA would have been an option or else it just a waste of our Rights

  1. Vote for people who honestly want to serve the community, and not for the crooks who want to win the seat by bribes to help themselves to get rich and famous on account of stealing the money from the tax payer. Wake up voters to make good choices to vote not along the party line but to those who really stand for us to bring out the best in us.


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