Ola Taxi Assaulted allegedly by Auto Drivers


An Ola Taxi was assaulted today at 1 pm near BIMS by allegedly Auto drivers.

Women passengers were inside the Taxi when they were asked to get out of the taxi. The police said they will take stern action against the persons who assaulted.



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  1. If the Authority "FAILS" to find a solution which is better to one & all, then such things happen.
    This issue is since a long time & i feel shame to say that till today no solution has been found.
    The Reason for this :
    "This is related to Common People and they are the one who is suffering and who cares for them,
    If this would have been with any POLITICAL situation, them immediately in One Night it would have been solved"
    ——–So where is BELGAUM heading–> towards Smart City or towards Unstable City ?????

  2. Due to the attitude of these Belgaum Auto-rickshaw drivers more and more people are finding their permanent alternatives and the Auto drives will loose passengers.


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