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Old Dharwad road will be 120 feet – Commissioner

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Ravikumar commissioner city corporation has said that Old Dharwad road will be 120 feet only and nothing less.
Earlier the said road was widened only to 60 feet and new gutters and footpath has also been laid. Even then the matter was taken to various courts.
With regards to compensation to the building owners the Commissioner took reference to a letter issued in 1976 which states that no compensation will be paid and the road will be 120 feet wide.

The funniest thing here is, about a year ago the said road was widened to 60 feet when people then also said make it 120 feet, new gutters and footpaths were laid, the electric poles were replaced and now again the same process will be implemented at whose cost?

5 thoughts on “Old Dharwad road will be 120 feet – Commissioner”

  1. Will all this happen what the Commissioner has said and if so he is really great and he is sure to be transferred. But what ever has happened till date is remarkable and excellent.

  2. The process of contracting the work to PWD cannot start without the amended sizes and dimensions being gazzetted. If the drainage, foothpaths, dividers and all other work has been implemented, that automatically means that the last decided road width of 66′ was approved by all ecessary authorities and gazzetted accordingly. Secondly, The reason being given for this new aggressive approach to road widening is that it is all happening because the CDP says so. It should be noted that a CDP is only a “PROPOSED PLAN”. Thirdly, when the decision to widen the road to only to a maximum of 66′ was decided, all the property owners on Dharwad road had willingly parted with a portion of their property in anticipation of better roads and facilities. 4 years after this, 4 years after spending money and amending the existing structures to facilitate the road and drainage works, the work is still INCOMPLETE. And now this?? Yes it is for the benifit of the people. But at what cost? WHat about all the money that has been spent on building all the drains, dividers, roads etc..?? More importantly, people are set to lose their shops, factories. Employee’s are set to lose their livelihood. Many people are about to lose their homes. And keep in mind, all the houses and shops and showrooms and all other things were built after assurance from the Government that the said 66′ width was final. THe said structures were built after the drrains and gutters and dividers were built. Then how is this action JUST????

  3. Please ask City comminisoner to take some actions on Auto Fare or else make City Bus to Pass from Khade Bazaar. (i.e City Bus Stand to Ganeshpur) Automatically the trafic gets blocked and the Road windening takes place.

  4. We Belgaumites are wondering as to how it’ll take to reconstruct all these roads. Removing any construction with JCB is easy. We wonder whether from allotment of work to contractors till complition,is the Corporation capable? Hope so. The Comissioner desearves applouds for he is successful in doing a thing that we thought ‘impossible’.
    Congarats and good luck !!!


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