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Marking for road widening done at Ramdev Galli

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After various road widening projects and marking, on Monday evening corporation officials made markings at Ramdev Galli.

The road is planned to be widened to 45 feet and in most cases shops will lose about 5-8 feet of space.
The marking was done by taking the current gutter as the point of measurement and marking was done in all the shops.

Most of the shop owners said it is good to do widening but only after sufficient compensation is paid.
It may be recalled that in the past week there has been an anti encroachment drive in the city and under it even the road widening markings were done at various places.

Girish Potdar said “The Supreme Court in April 2012 said property owners should be paid highest market value for land acquisition and not the registration value of the same area as land value is deliberately kept low to pay less registration fee for the sale deed. The court gave this direction in a case pertaining to the erstwhile ruler of Faridkot state. The court asked the Punjab government to consider the bona fide sale deeds in the area proximate to the date of notification of land acquisition.” 

9 thoughts on “Marking for road widening done at Ramdev Galli”

  1. Yes, for every City,road widening is good.Provided, the widened road is used for smooth traffic. But in Belgaum the road widening is done to provide ample space for Hawkers. You see on the Ganapat Galli and Maruti Galli. We do not get space to park our two wheeler vehicle on the road. The shop owners have given their priceless land for the benefit of city.But who cares ? Now the road has become the property of hawkers. I am sure,even Ramdev Galli will be acquired by the hawkers,which we have not seen them uptill now.Actually, If you see, the hawkers should move in the place where, there are no shops i.e.outskirts of the city area.But in Belgaum it is viceversa .Hawkers stand in front of the shops.

  2. Are they completing major places like Radeon galli and basvan galli etc?or they just want to demolish property of middle class people?and do the later or left like that?

  3. Patil Galli, station road widening marking is done numerous number of times.. I hear from the dad that from his school days he hears about the master plan in Patil Galli… God knows still how many rainy seasons yet to go , till this becomes a reality…!!!

  4. If you are taliking of Shahapur Baswan Galli, yes there should be master plan for road widening. The road is so narrow. Also Saraf galli and Ganeshpur galli are declared as commercial, so should Baswan galli. There are more opportunities for making big apartments, shopping zones here in Baswan galli shahapur. Also the cost of commercial would come down if done so. So request the commissioner to look into this.


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