Old man wraps snake around his neck and rides a cycle

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A viral video of a villager from Hangaraga near Belagavi, riding on a bicycle with snake Snake wrapped around his neck, has gone viral on social media.

On Saturday afternoon, many villagers saw an old man riding a bicycle with a snake wrapped around his neck on the main road of Hangarga village.

The old man seen in the video rescued it from his home & released it away from the village.

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Old man wraps snake round his neck and ride cycle

This scene was filmed on a mobile by a young man riding a bike. Shortly afterward, the video went viral on social media.

It so happened that a snake was seen in his house in Hangarga village. The old man caught the snake that had come into the house.

Then he wrapped the snake around his neck. The people of the village were watching with eyes wide open as he rode his cycle. The old man then released the snake in the forest outside the village and returned home.

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