Not a leopard, it is a Wild Cat …!

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The anxiety is over, as the forest department says it is a Wild cat and not a leopard as reported by morning walkers.

A few morning walkers are said to have sighted the leopard near the Army Golf course while they were on a morning walk in Belagavi and subsequently, the news went viral creating panic among the residents. However, there was no confirmation about the sighting from the authorities regarding the sighting.

Two traps and 6 trap cameras were installed at the golf course and on two occasions the image of the wild cat has been captured.

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For the past 3 days, the forest department was on its feet to track the animal and now after these images, it is clear that it is a wild cat.

DCF Harsha Banu, ACF M. B. Kusanal, RFO Sivananda Magaduma, and Kakati RFO Nagaraja Bhimgolla have made regular inspections of the gold course and said that it is a wild cat and not a leopard.

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  1. I do think people over react sometimes
    The picture is the same as my Savannah Milo currently stretched out in the sun in the conservatory
    The only time he is wild is when we are late giving him his Felix


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