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One arrested from Hindwadi over social media posts made in August

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The Cyber, economic and Narcotics (CEN)wing of the Belagavi police have arrested one person from Hindwadi over an alleged comment made by him on social media in August 2019.

A complaint was filed by ex corporator Bhairgowda Patil of Kanbargi with the CEN cell.

The CEN cell after the complaint reported the same to HQ of the social media and got the IP address of the commenter and then arrested him on Thursday.

Kiran Palkar has been arrested under the IT act for making comments on a story related to the smart city project published on august 3, 2019.

Kiran had commented that the Smart city project is a showoff and it fosters corruption and the politicians. The politicians want to develop themselves not the city. After this, he also allegedly made an abusive comment.
It looks like the abusive comment was the reason for filing this complaint.

The comment was deleted after a few hours but even then the Smart CEN wing managed to get the details from the social media site and arrested the commenter.

He is currently been sent to jail after he was produced before the court.


6 thoughts on “One arrested from Hindwadi over social media posts made in August”

  1. Is this they way you treat the people who speak the truth?
    Hence proved…….
    Ask any any contractor and he will tell you the fact …….
    Why has the smart city work been stalled?
    Why hasn’t they revoked the tender when a contractor in found non performing?
    The one who is checking the work is he well knowledgeable to lead? Be it the engineer who looks after the site?
    Nobody asks questions when needed but just have the sub chalta hai attitude aapunko Kya….

  2. Heights hai yeh
    The one who was elected on the promise of delivering clean water and approach road to his constituency apperently has way bigger problems of somebody shaming the appointed officials

  3. As per supreme court judgement cannot arrest any one such type of cases. Now court asked to police how your arrested . Now court told enquiry on police who did this investigation officer

  4. That’s a fact what he spoke. He spoke what we reality and truth. For that how could u arrest him? He is at no fault. Now u will arrest all of us who speak against u, citizens don’t speak against u they speak u ur actions. This is our country What a SHAME. U KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE THAT’S ALL OKAY NO VOICE MUST BE RAISED ELSE WILL BE PUT TO SILENCE FOREVER. THAT’S THE WAY INDIA RUNS. GET HIM OUT OF THERE RELEASE HIM. HE IS AT NO FAULT. PUT ALL BEHIND THE BARS LET THEM TASTE THE WORST WHO ARE INVOLVED TO PUT HIM BEHIND THE BAR. DON’T SHOW US THE POWER WHICH WE GAVE WE CAN TAKE BACK U KNOW IF WE CITIZENS UNITE THEN THERE WILL BE NONE TO SAVE YOU. BEWARE OF THAT. DONT HURT PEOPLE WHO SPEAK TRUTH.IF U DO SO WE WILL NOT SPARE U MIND IT. That’s the way u wanna fear innocent people.SHAME On U

  5. Why hurl abuses? One can vent their frustrations and grill this whole fiasco without using verbal abuses. Remember guys. Democracy is just a title. In MANY parts of the world.

    Stay blessed ??


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