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One killed in an accident near Gandhi Nagar Bridge

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Anis Shaikh aged around 14 of Azad Nagar 3rd Cross was killed on the spot after a Truck hit him near the New Gandhi Nagar highway around 6 PM on Sunday.

He was trying to cross the National Highway when the Truck hit him and the fatal accident occurred, eyewitnesses say. 




2 thoughts on “One killed in an accident near Gandhi Nagar Bridge”

  1. This is definitely not a hit and run case. When it’s a national highway, obviously the vehicles will be fast. The menace of public crossing the highway isn’t new. I myself have faced the situation several times. Overhead foot bridges are a must in such susceptible areas like Gandhinagar, Mahantesh nagar, Vaibhav nagar and Honaga.

  2. People take granted while crossing road mobile in hand with ear phones on today’s generation is ignorant fraction of second life is gone struggle by parents is gone in vain..


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