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Star Air Commences Flights from Belagavi – Exclusive interview

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Today is the dawn of a new day in the aviation sector for Belagavi as Star Air commenced its operations from Belagavi with its inaugural flight to Bengaluru.

AAB spoke exclusively to Mr.Sanjay Ghodawat and Mr. Simran Singh Tiwana CEO of Star Air on how they intend to go forward.




5 thoughts on “Star Air Commences Flights from Belagavi – Exclusive interview”

  1. Good to have 2 Bangalore flights for politician convenience while the public who has to visit Chennai/Goa/Mumbai/Pune have no connectivity. Mumbai being despite being such a crucial place for business hub is not getting connected for months.

    Belgaum has Marriott , landscaped airport with fountains but no flights! Frustrated with the endless wait and vague statements which indicate a great achievement but no true progress on the ground. Talks about having international flights but no connectivity to mumbai which is the main hub of international flight landing.

  2. An early morning flight and a flight in the evening would be very convenient for those who visit Belagavi/Bengaluru for a single day work would be very helpful


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