One more of the Irani Chain Snatching gang arrested

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The Malmaruti police arrested Sharukh Sherali Shaikh, another member of the Irani gang involved in Chain snatching incidents in Belagavi.

On Sunday morning, police had arrested prime member of this gang- Salim Sher Ali, resident of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Sub-inspector of Malmaruti station had fired on his leg, when accused tried to escape by attacking him. After this, another member of the gang- Shahrukh Sheikh was arrested at the evening.

The gang has six members and Imran Irani is their leader. They are involved in at least 50 cases of chain-snatching reported from the city and the district in the last three-four years. The gang, also known as ‘Shrirampur gang’, which operated from Pune, would enter the district via Kolhapur in the morning in different vehicles, including a car. After committing the offence in localities in close proximity to the national highways in the morning hours, they would change their dress and vehicles (cars and two-motorbikes) and disappear, leaving the police clueless.

Commissioner S Ravi, said shortly police commissionerate in city has planned to introduce Code-Red system in city. Once the system is introduces, all the police officials and personnel functioning in city can be alerted with the message at the single time.

S Ravi said police department is going to carry public contact programmes in all 58 wards of the city. It will start from the Sadashiv Nagar, Malmaruti Nagar, Shivbasav Nagar where more chain snatching incidents occurred. Public will be sensitized about the chain snatching crimes and requested not to showcase gold in public and not to carry it in the areas where public movement is less. Slides will be shown in the cinema theatres besides awareness will be created through bulk SMS system as well.

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  1. Good job by the cops. Just need to ensure they do not fly away using bail given by courts. These are difficult to prove in court. Need to ensure these thugs are behind bars for a long time.

  2. Police Department has taken good steps to stop the chain snatching activities which is carried out in Belgaum City:

    Slides will be shown in the cinema theatres besides awareness will be created through bulk SMS system as well.

    As regards to above, these alert / awareness slides should be shown through cable operators also which means the citizens will be more sensitive at their homes itself.

    This activity will be helpful to those who are not visiting the cinema theatres.

  3. Once I had been to the court to meet my friend who is an advocate, he invited me inside the JMFC court just to see how will be the proceedings, there a chain snatcher who was just arrested by police was produced before the judge, I was surprised to see the judge spoked very gently to the accused, he asked him weather the police had beaten him,did the police give him breakfast, about his health,etc,etc. On the request of the police the accused was given in the custody of police, the police was instructed by the judge to treat him well, if he is sick take him to doctor give him medicines, give food. This is the procedure, our law gives full chance to the accused to prove his innocence if he is, but lot many culprits use the loopholes with the help of some advocates and continue to do their work of robbery, what police can do?


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