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One more underground Garbage bin soon in Belagavi

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The Belagavi city corporation has floated a tender for the Supply of one 3Cum capacity underground smart dust bin to City Corporation Belagavi worth Rs.41 lakhs.

The work on the first such underground bin was started at Shahpur next to the Ravindra Koushik e-Library near Bank of India Circle Shahpur.

Major works on the same have been completed but the same is not put to use.

Now the Corporation has again floated tenders for one more such bin with a higher capacity than the one in Shahpur.

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About UG Bins:

Unlike many leading metros that continue to grapple with issues of overflowing public dump yards, exhausted landfills and foul air, Surat has installed 43 underground garbage bins to manage its waste.

With a capacity of up to 1.1 tonnes of waste each

The bins have been installed on footpaths. Each of them has two openings or inlets. One is for individuals to throw waste, another is for the municipal carts that bring collected waste.

These humongous metal bins are being lifted with the assistance of cranes, thus emptying the entire waste mechanically, without any direct human involvement.

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