One way entry and exit at Bapat Galli car parking can help motorists to a great extent


A daunting task awaits the motorists who want to park their cars at the Bapat Galli Car Parking who enter from Ramdev galli, which is the official entrance point but vehicles parked in the lot also make use of the same road as exit from Ramdev galli which daily causes a traffic jam at the Ramdev Galli-Bapat Galli car parking lot junction (opp. Potdar Cloth Merchants).

The solution to this problem is very simple if implemented.

A Car trying to Enter car parking had reverse to make way for a parked Ambulance to exit

The road(from Ramdev Galli to Parking Lot earlier Modka bazar) has to be made one way, i.e. only vehicles coming from Ramdev Galli can enter the Parking lot and all exits from the parking lot must be made from Kadolkar galli or Bapat Galli Cross.
The said approach road to Parking lot from Ramdev galli is always occupied by two wheeler parking on both sides which gain makes it very difficult for the motorists to enter the parking lot.

If the authorities can put up boards like “Parking” with arrows and also mention Entry only and Exit on the other side it would help the motorists themselves.
Now there are situations where a car has to reverse and come back into Ramdev galli to give way for a car coming out.



  1. I have also faced the same problem many times. But who cares for us. At the parking authorities who charge us heavily should put up sign boards and implement the said above for smooth flow of traffic.


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