Oneway on GaneshPur Road


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The blocked road
The blocked road

In a surprising mode to manage traffic, the commissioner of police who is also incharge of traffic in the city has made the Ganesh pur road at Rajednra Prasad circle as a one way this morning.

So commuters coming from College road, Samadevi Galli, ooe has DS Circle cannot take a turn towards Ganeshpur road, they have to go via DS Circle, Cattle road(near traffic south police station) and then onto Ganeshpur Road near Union Gymkhana or else one has take the college road then Club road to reach Ganesh Pur road. The two whellers cant easily pass through Lodge road which is blocked.

This is how one needs to go now
This is how one needs to go now

It is very surprising as this will never solve the traffic issue as street vendors, autos in large numbers are parked near Benyon smith school.

Vendors on the street
Vendors on the street

How does the kids going to Benyon smith reach school if they are coming from Samadevi galli, they will have to go via Cattle road camp.
We never understood how this will ease traffic, infact this is causing a lot of hardships of the people of more than 40 villages which travel daily from there.

We know traffic is an issue and hard steps must be taken but steps such as these will never solve the problem but create more ruckus.


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  1. Give that Traffic Controller a award for this stupid Idea… I never thought a educated officer would take a decision to control the traffic… ha ha ha… they just making belagavi look stupid city in karnataka… claps please….

  2. To make their own work easy, the traffic police are putting the general public (students, parents, etc.) through unnecessary inconvenience and trouble instead of rectifying age-old faults and taking “hard measures” to solve a permanent problem by looking at the city’s progress/development and solving it by having a futuristic plan (of 25/50 years) ahead….

  3. Making oneway on ganeshpur road is a senseless decision. It will not solve any traffic problem of belgaum. Instead it will create problem for the people coming from many near by locations such as camparea,military quarters,Vinayaknagar,Buda 51,41schemes,jayanagar,freedomfighterscolony,sarswatinagar,mahalaxmilayout,sahydrinagar and for many villages. Authority has to study onceagain and scrap the oneway. It should not our daily life.

  4. Sir, don’t do inconvinient for people who using this road frequently. Think about how traffic jams in that area. Instead of disturbing too many people first remove ferrywalas and auto and take strict action against tempo n bus drivers who parks in the middle of the road. Pl. Don’t go for easy solutions like this one way and speed breakers.

  5. Sir, first and foremost the tempo walas and share auto walas need to be tamed… they park thier vehicles on the junction of cattle road and ganeshpur road causing inconvinience and traffic jams especially during school hours… then we have the bus stop exactly opposite St. Xaviers School… when a bus is parked there is hardly any space for other vehicles to move around.. causing not only traffic jams but also this poses danger to the school kids… I think the authorities need to sensitise the Auto/tempo wallas and also move the bus stop a little ahead on the Military Farm Road to avoid jams infornt of the school gates… Otherwise beyond this junction, the road is quite vacant…


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