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Onion prices rocket to 170 per Kg in Belagavi

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Households and restaurants in Belagavi are reeling under pressure as onion prices have surged exponentially across the country and today the prices touched an unforeseen price even of Rs.170 per Kg.

The best onion was sold for 170, second grade for 130 and third grade for 110.

Around 30 trucks have come in Belagavi APMC and on average the daily arrival is around 200 trucks. Due to a shortage, the prices have soared high.

Though an onion crisis is not new in India, last time the retail price of the bulb crop touched Rs 100 per kilo in 2013, it was among one of the reasons which led to a shift in power at the Centre the following year.

Though many are trying to substitute costly onions with other cheaper alternatives like cabbage and radish, it is almost impossible to completely junk onions, a kitchen favorite.


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  1. Today’s rate in Tilakwadi market is RS 120/- and not 170/- quality is also good.Tilakwadi is supposed to be costliest. in Belgaum


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