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Open spaces face land mafia scare

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Land mafia along with some officials is making gratuitous use of their powers to grab the open spaces of land all over the city. The DC has ordered all the authorities like the Sub Registrar, Corporation, Tashildar and other offices not to register any such transfer of land.

 Shridhar alias Nyanesh Saraf has submitted to the DC the complete list of open spaces in the city with all details and has urged the authorities to see that the land is not grabbed by the land mafia and put to use for what it has been reserved.

 Nyanesh Saraf has categorically illustrated the various plots which are open spaces and reserved for parks, playgrounds, Women hostel, gardens etc. Nyanesh Saraf has appealed to the authorities not to accept any transfer of rights to the above properties. The DC has hence ordered not to register any such transfer without proper scrutiny.

 Nyanesh Saraf has also sought police protection for himself as he fears of an attack on his life. He said, my life is danger and I need police protection.

 Mr.Tinaikar who uprooted the Telgi stamp paper scam has been given round the clock police protection for his expose of the whole scam. Nyanesh Saraf has sighted similar protection for him as well.

 Source: Pudhari & sources

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