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Monsoon special Rs.3 Vada Pav Tea Rs.2

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vadapav1Inflation has gone negative but the prices of food items have risen above expectations. Vegetables are now at an all time high.

 With all this behind, the Pop in restaurant near Military Mahadev has started this Monsoon special offer. Vada Pav for Rs.3 and Tea for Rs.2.










A make shift stall has been erected just at the corner of the Kagal cross on Congress road. The stall is very picturesquely situated as there is the pond of water which is full now in the back ground and coconut trees on one side. This offer is catching up on passersby and day one there was not much response but now there is good response to the offer. The same is also very visible from the numbers of vehicles seen in the photo. The Vada pav stall runs from early morning to late evenings and is catching up with the passing crowd.

I could not go to taste the same, but many of you can do and let us all know about the taste as well. Happy eating.

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