Operation Leopard stopped

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For the past month, the Elusive leopard first sighted on August 5 in Jadhav Nagar Belagavi and then on camera on August 7 has remained elusive since then.

For the past 10 days, the camera traps also have no evidence of the Leopard at the Golf Course.

DCF Anthony Mariyappa on Sunday evening said to the media that the operation was stopped as the animal was not traced in any of the trap cameras and private CCTV cameras for the past 10 days.

It is possible that the Leopard might have shifted back to its original habitat, sources said.

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The Govt spent around 3 lakhs a day to trace the Leopard but with no success. Elephants, Dogs, and experts were roped in but yielded no result.

Around 300 personnel including the police have done combing operations on the Golf course.

Now Camera traps have been placed at Mandoli as well after a farmer said he saw a leopard-like animal.

The 22 schools which were closed in the vicinity of the Golf course have begun today.

The Forest officials tried their best and even the help of technology was taken but yielded no result.

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4 thoughts on “Operation Leopard stopped”

  1. I think now we should windup forest department from Belagave, as it is proved that these forest afficials good for nothing, they are good at only grabbing persantage for issuing NOC.

  2. As a parent, we are not able to send our children to the school peacefully and also not ready to face the attendance problem and learning gap. We are waiting for the immediate solution. Untill that we request the school either to provide online classes or to shift classes in the alternate safe location temporarily.

  3. As already suggested, strengthen surroundings of Golf club area with strong Fencing/ wall sufficiently high enough so that wild animals can’t jump and hide in this prestigious golf club where defense officials are kind enough in allowing public to use for walking.


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