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Belagavi has no elected Corporators in Office even after completion of an Year now

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How & why does it matter if Belagavi has no elected Corporators in Office even after completion of an Year now.

Well, look around the city the roads are in tatters with water logging, civic projects are left unfinished, garbage is overflowing and citizens have no one to reach out to all this due to the lack of proper leadership and authority in the Belagavi City Corporation.

if there is a stray dog problem ,If a drain in a locality is broken, or garbage is overflowing in a corner,if there are no street lights within a ward, if the roads are not properly maintained, if you want more public amenities like bus stops and parking spaces — a corporator is the citizen’s first link to governance and a better standard of living.

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But Belgaumites have been living without this access for one year now. not allowed to celebrate their one year in term.

What is holding up the process to an elected Corporator’s or a Mayor or a Deputy Mayor’s Right in the Belagavi City Corporation,still remains a big question mark?

Babajan Matwale (Corporator) Said:- “We the elected 58 Corporator’s are need in the City Corporation Office for MLC elections but are not allowed to celebrate our one year completion of being an Corporator in the office.We are clueless why as to why not able to function in the Council.The MLA’s seem to be not interested in consulting us in any matters of the civic administration.We are in a sorry state of affair”

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