Over 49 Crores spent on 5 session at Belagavi


Rs 49.21 crore have been spent on the FIVE Assembly sessions held at Belagavi.

Bhimappa Gadad, RTI activists shared this information.

First Session at KLE’s JNMC in 2006– Rs.5 Crore (5 days)
Second Session in 2009 at KLE’s JNMC – Rs. 12.34 Crore (7 days)
Third Session in 2012 at SVS – Rs.7.39 Crore (7 days)
Fourth Session in 2013 at SVS – Rs. 14.40 Crore (10 days)
Fifth Session in 2014 at SVS– Rs. 10 Crore (10 days)KPN Photo


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  1. True. Let the government provide all the basic infrastructure for running the house and it will be a double booster for Karnataka by way of less expenditure and better facilities for Belgaum.

  2. Instead of criticizing govt. for spending, why don’t you pressurize govt. to make necessary infrastructure to Belgaum city so that the cost of session comes equal to Bangalore…


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