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3 Flyovers on the anvil

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District in charge minister Satish Jarkhiholi yesterday in a meeting asked the Commissioner to make a plan for having THREE flyovers in the city namely at Ashok Circle, Sangolli Rayana Circle and Rani Chennamma Circle.

Ashok Circle
File photo Ashok Circle

These flyovers will ease the traffic problem in the city he added. With regards to funding of this flyovers a special proposal would be sent to the Central Govt. Belagavi is listed under the AMRUT scheme and fund could be sought under the said scheme.

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  1. Hello what’s the use of flyovers near sangolli rayanna circle, Chenammma circle and bogarves,Please make where it’s necessary, example 1,2,3and 4th railway gate should have a flyover,So that we can avoid some traffic, long waiting for near railway gates
    Vijay S.Kammar


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