Four main streets in the City to be Walking streets


Ganpat Galli, Maruti Galli, Ramdev Galli and part of Nan Shankar Seth Marg(Khade bazar) upto Ganpat Galli cross from Sanyukta Maharashtra chowk is planned to be made as a walking streets which will have no vehicular movement.ramdev galli belgaum

This matter was discussed at a meeting yesterday and a trial would be conducted for a month after the session is over sources said. All the authorities have given their approval for the same. 

Also movement of heavy vehicles will be restricted from 8 am to 8pm within the market area.
A car parking would be set up at Khanjar Galli and hawkers would be moved to Burud Galli and Kombdi market(inside lane of Ganpat Galli) as per plan.
Some points to ponder upon: 
Car parking is in Ramdev Galli, So will cars be allowed to use the car park via Kadolkar Galli?
What about the vehicles of the Shop owners/Residents of the said Streets where do they park?
The major retail market is concentrated in these 4 streets, if no vehicles are allowed will this not impact the business ?
There are many hospitals and clinics how do the patients come to the hospitals if no vehicles are allowed?



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  1. where is this new spot called samyukta maharashtra chowk??? who has given permission to keep such names in our belagavi??


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