Oxygen scare in Belagavi

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As many as 5 patients from a private hospital in Tilakwadi were to be shifted to the BIMS government medical college hospital in Belagavi on Sunday, Due to oxygen scarcity.

The oxygen supply to some hospitals was depleting and many hospitals are asking patients to arrange for oxygen.

The scarcity was reported to the district COVID response team that has government officers , doctors, and NGO members.

After receiving the distress call that Lotus hospital is running out of oxygen shortage in the morning, Covid support group came forward to shift the patients to BIMS.


The doctor gave a list of 5 patients to be shifted. When they tried shifting the hospital wanted the attenders to clear the bills.

The attenders were not willing to shift their patients. The group stood there for 4 hours with 4 Ambulances equipped with oxygen and then returned back due lack of co operation From the hospital.

Help For Needy and Facebook friends circle gave 9 oxygen cylinders to Metgud Hospital which was running out of oxygen.

The administration says there is sufficient oxygen, then what is the reason so many distress calls for oxygen is coming to NOGs.

This is a very alarming situation and as of now getting an ICU bed is not possible only and with a shortage of Oxygen the situation could go out of hand.

Awake, Arise and help the society at large, the top brass in the administration must come forward and answer the distress calls.

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