Parisarakkagi Naavu – 3 day workshop in Kankumbi

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Climate change has reached a state of emergency as a consequence of excessive industrialization, urbanization and lifestyle change. Scientists have repeatedly warned us that unless we respond to this situation with a sense of urgency and collectively solve this problem, a catastrophic loss of life on our planet in a matter of decades is certain. In this context, people working to save the environment all over Karnataka have come together to form a coalition called “Parisarakkagi Navu“, meaning “We for the environment“. Units of this coalition have been formed at the district level too.

Karnataka State members of Parisarakkagi Naavu from all over the state are coming together at Kankumbi village, Belagavi (the origin of river Malaprabha) for a 3-day workshop from March 1 to 3.

This workshop is the third gathering of its members, organized explicitly to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental concerns of our home state -Karnataka. The first two were held at Hasan and Bengaluru in Dec 2023 and January 2024 respectively.

During this workshop, there will be lectures, hands-on demonstration cum training, discussions on water, soil, agriculture, climate change, sustainability and sustainable practices, environmental policy, building strong organizational structures and initiating campaigns. Participants will also receive insights on the geopolitics specific to South Asian countries, the understanding of which is essential for addressing environmental concerns of the day, specific to Karnataka state in particular and India in general.

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Nearly 120 to 150 participants from Karnataka are attending this workshop. Thematic areas are being addressed by subject experts:

Sagar Dhara on environment, geopolitics, and the threats to environmental and social stability.

Nirmala Gowda and Anjaneya reddy neeravari on water resources ,

Padmashree Norma Alvares & Adv Om D’costa on environmental laws ,

Adv Vinay Srinivas on Karnataka States’s environmental rules and regulations ,

Soil Vasu and KP Suresh on state of Karnataka’s soil and soil nurturing ,

Nagesh Hegde on climate change and our role as citizens ,

Shreekumar on Sustainable lifestyle practices

Basavaprabhu Hosakeri, Janardhan Kesargadde on building a strong organization and drafting an appropriate constitution for Parisarakkagi Naavu ,

Prakash Bhat and Dileep Kamat on building people’s organizations from the ground up and action campaigns.

The Kannada edition of Nagaraj Adve’s well-known book ” Global Warming in India: Science, Impacts, and Politics”, translated by K.P. Suresh and new Kannada book by Environmentalist Nagesh Hegde on Biodiversity will be released at the Kankumbi workshop on the 1st of March.

The participants come from varied backgrounds with an interest in addressing environmental concerns. Young professionals, grassroots activists and social action facilitators to veteran practitioners with a dedicated track record in the fields of

social action, environmental protection, conservation of rivers & lakes, freshwater and groundwater systems and groundwater systems, organic farmers & promoters of safe farming practices, teachers, academics, practitioners of wellbeing and healthcare, social work, activism etc.

This 3 day workshop is being planned and organized as an immersive process for considered and well-thought-out interventions to engage on matters related to the environment in action and practice.

This endeavour began as an informal discussion amongst Karnataka’s veteran journalists, farmers; sustainable living, environment, and social action practitioners; thinkers and writers in early October 2023. Officially taking the shape of a Whatsapp group on October 29, 2023. In no time the group’s membership swelled to 400 persons and at present stands at close to 800.

The purpose of gathering at Kankumbi village is to understand the concerns of people dwelling in the forested areas of this region in particular and regions of north Karnataka in general. The delegates participating in the 3 day workshop will also get an understanding of the other concerns of this area. Concerned citizens of Belagavi and Dharwad districts have been discussing the status of their rivers for some time now. As the Malaprabha River originates in the jungles of Khanapur Taluka at Kankumbi it was decided that the meeting be held here.

It may be recalled that members from Hubli-Dharwad and Belagavi Districts of the Malaprabha Surakshana Vedike had met at Kankumbi on 24th September World River Action day to initiate a long-term Malaprabha River rejuvenation programme. This gathering for 3 days of Parisarakkagi Naavu members at Kankumbi will strengthen local efforts. 2023-24 being a drought year, the group sees the urgency for understanding our water systems with a focus on working towards water conservation, protection and preservation of catchment areas, and initiating processes of general water discipline.

For further details you may contact

‘Parisarkkagi Naavu ‘ Belagavi Coordinators :

Dileep Kamat @ 9448157588 (1st March onwards)

Col Ravendra Saini @ 9313980080

Amrut Charantimath @ 9845735919

Nya Coelho @ 9343413193

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