Karnataka Government Grants Two-Week Extension for 60% Kannada Signage Compliance

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In a recent announcement on February 29, Karnataka Deputy CM DK Shivakumar declared a two-week extension for the deadline regarding the implementation of 60% Kannada signage in Bengaluru.

The Karnataka government has decided to provide an additional two weeks for commercial establishments and offices to adhere to the requirement of having nameplates with 60% Kannada language content.

“Recognizing the time needed for signage adjustments, Karnataka Government has opted to prolong the deadline for commercial establishments by an additional two weeks to facilitate compliance with the 60% Kannada signage rule,” Shivakumar shared on X.

Highlighting the significance of honoring the mother tongue, Shivakumar emphasized, “We must uphold our native language with utmost reverence. Hence, we anticipate full compliance with this regulation within the extended two-week period.”


In a previous statement in December last year, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah affirmed the commitment of the Congress-ruled state government towards the residents of Karnataka. He had emphasized that establishments would be required to display nameplates with 60% Kannada content.

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  1. Honoring the Kannada language signage is a good idea, but has anyone ever thought about foreigners who would not be able to read Kannada while they are on tour? Any comments?


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