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Parking fee at court legal or illegal

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The TOI in a story says that Belgaum Bar Association(BBA) has justified its stand on charging the parking fee of vehicles in the court premises, saying the property belongs to the court and there is no need for any permission from the PWD which is incharge of maintenance. The BBA has currently made its own arrangement for the collection of the parking fee.

The issue has come to the fore after RTI activist Bhimappa Gadad wrote to PWD  regarding details of parking fee under the RTI Act, like the rules for parking fee, the fee collected so far, and what the money was used for. The reply of the PWD executive engineer is shocking: no parking fee is to be collected on the court premises.


2 thoughts on “Parking fee at court legal or illegal”

  1. Parking fee is illegal at court compound. Why fee is not charged for advocates. The fees charged is already high and above that you are asked for parking fees.
    If any building is built corporation asks it to provide for its parking else permission is not given. Then the same rule should apply for the courts.Court should provide for free parking and not charge for it.

  2. When the number of vehicles in any city or town were pretty less, then this would not have been an problem, but today only thing that is remaining is a newborn asking for a motorcycle. Everyone is on wheels. In monsoon, people are on four wheels. Pappa driving, mommy driving, dada driving, dadi driving, nana driving, nani driving, bhaiya riding and me also riding. Only my dog cannot ride or drive.

    People can afford to buy vehicles with bank interest, pay for insurance, fuel it up even with hiked fuel price, go on long drives every now and then. But the buggers do not have the money to pay for the parking. As far as equality is concerned no one should be given the leeway. Everyone should be charged for the type and the size vehicle he / she brings to the spot. If they can not pay for parking they should go to petrol pump ask for 100-150 worth of petrol and just light up the vehicle.

    People even with all these problem can not ride a bicycle or tricycle. It is below their dignity or status. We do not want to have bike share. There is so much money floating around in the city, which sometimes pricks in both the eyes.


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