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Parking on Footpaths as no entry for vehicles in college


The issue of parking in the city is at its peak and with no parking slots made available students from the college have been forced to park on the road and a few of them made use of the Footpath on College road.

The Footpath is for use of pedestrians but as one can see the two wheelers have occupied the entire space of the footpath.

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Footpath on College road occupied by Two Wheelers
Footpath on College road occupied by Two Wheelers

In January 2014,  Police department was to issue notices to all colleges which have restricted the parking of vehicles in the college premises.

After the order by many colleges in the city issued orders that no vehicles would be allowed to enter the college premises all students including the staff were forced to park their vehicles on the road which is causing a lot of hardships for the common commuter. See College road for that matter where one can see a sea of vehicles parked even under the no parking boards, on footpaths etc.

There is a No parking signboard here on College road Belgaum
There is a No parking signboard here on College road Belgaum

On College road opposite Hotel Pavan there is a NO PARKING board and we can see a sea of vehicles parked.

We are not sure whether any such notices were issued in reality.
But the issue of parking on the footpath is a great nuisance.

The Colleges will have to take cognizance on their own and make parking arrangements for the students and its staff.

According to the Section 177 of M.V. Act there is fine of Rs.100 for parking a vehilce in a no parking zone. So will they all be fined?



  1. बेलगौम की ट्राफिक समस्या का निवारण सिर्फ यही है कि पूरी निष्ठा से मास्टर प्लान किया जाए ।

  2. In another 5 yers there is going to be huge traffic, hence plan to expand road city municpal and minsters take action


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