Youth was killed due to personal animosity related to drug dealing

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Commissioner of police Belgaum, Bhaskar Rao in a press meet said,”it was not a communal incident, but an outcome of  personal rivalry.”igp-belgaum

He was referring to the death of 25-year-old Feroz Pathan at Angol in the city  Wednesday night. The commissioner said that the incident occurred when two groups dealing in Drugs had a spat over areas and in the scuffle that followed he was stabbed by a person of a majority community. But this is by no means a communal incident and that it was only the personal ill fighting that led to his murder.
At the same time Commissioner said that this shows that drugs menace is on a very high note and same needs to destroyed.

With regards to the stone pelting issue, 40 Persons have been identified. Out of the 12 people involved in the death of the youth, 6 are in custody and 6 are absconding and special teams are behind them and would be arrested soon.

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3 thoughts on “Youth was killed due to personal animosity related to drug dealing”

  1. Still surprised by police gives statement drug mense is increasing. ..plz verify ur statement if police is talking like netas, Pakistan is involved. ..We don’t want , we want that what u did to control it..

  2. Stone pleting people will soon come out on bail in another 1-2 months time frame. Hence request belgaum City Police and Ministers to round the stone pleting people from KLE hospital to Angol on their nicker (chadi) let media cover this and people know who are these nonsence people in the city who make it dirty.

    I Still remeber when I was small police rounded some local goonds who used to distrub local people, thanks to that inspector who had rounded them 🙂

    Belgaum needs police officer like SINGAM 🙂

  3. yes we agree with the police he was a drug dealer . yes we agree with the police he was murdered because of rivalry. but WHAT WE FAIL TO UNDERSTAND IS THAT POLICE IS NOT TALKING ABOUT investigating the matter and bringing the culprits to book. IT LOOKS FROM THE ATTITUDE OF POLICE THAT he was a drug dealer so its alright to murder him..its high time police investigated the murder and brought the murderers to justice. A MURDER IS A MURDER IS A MURDER FOR WHAT EVER REASONS IT MIGHT BE,ITS A HENIOUS CRIME


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