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Vinayak Ghadi debuts his romantic fiction-Love Dies Virgin

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Vinayak Ghadi marks his debut in the world of romance fiction with “Love Dies Virgin ..!!” (published by Partridge India). This new novel follows two young people as they struggle to find love, redemption and acceptance in the midst of caste wars and the vicissitudes of life. The novel tells story of young love, unyielding laws, changing times. In “Love Dies Virgin ..!!” a boy falls in love with a girl but it is not as simple as that. Ganesh, a young intelligent boy is from a non-Brahmin family while Puja is from one of the most reputed Brahmin families in their village. Despite their seemingly opposite backgrounds, the two find themselves falling hopelessly and irrevocably in love with one another but is their love powerful enough to overcome the barriers of culture and caste?love-dies-virgin book

Vinayak Ghadi is an IT Engineer living in Bangalore; born to a simple family in one of the small villages of Belgaum. Having seen both rural and metro life; he relates the day to day struggle of every Indian to epic stories of Mahabharata. The unavoidable dogma faced by educated youth of this generation in a changing society expresses their experiences with older customs, traditions, social life in one or the other way and He tries to share his through his writings. An Engineer by profession and poet at heart; he scribbles poetic lines in Marathi on his Facebook page. Works for one of the largest IT companies at Bangalore, he enjoys his work to a greater extent. This is his first attempt to share his story to a larger audience. He believes one cannot simply plan to fall in love, it just happens..!! And not everyone gets their first love..!!vinayak-Ghadi

In this spellbinding tale of love against all odds, Ghadi examines some of life’s biggest questions in light of the experiences of Ganesh and Puja. As the compelling and evocative narrator, he guides readers on a journey through heartbreak, love, healing, redemption and finally the novel’s unforgettable conclusion.

Riveting from beginning to end, “Love Dies Virgin ..!!” is a story of inextinguishable love, unyielding family laws, changing cultural norms and what happens when these forces collide. It is a timeless tale that will delight fans of romance and love stories.

Love Dies Virgin ..!!”

The book is Available at Amazon, Flipkart and Barnes & Noble

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