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Parking Issue: Whose Job is it Anyway?

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The TOI recently has quoted City police commissioner BN Lokesh Kumar said addressing the parking issue was not the job of the police but the Belagavi City Corporation.

Since a week now the Traffic police and the TWO towing vans in town are on a rampage of sorts towing away vehicles parked in No Parking zones.

But the citizens at large are asking the same question? Where do we park?
The police have enlisted 21 roads on which no parking has been mentioned which encompass the entire city of sorts, So where does one park?

The police say it is the job of the City corporation to provide Parking and we better not speak about the corporation here.
They could not get the multi parking built for the last decade. One more parking at Shaniwar Khoot is lying unutilized for reasons only known to them.

parkingThe police also have unilaterally taken a decision to mark some roads as no parking zones without even taking the residents, shop owners into confidence.
On some roads there is no Parking at all, then how does one reach there and work there or run his/her shop.

Now, this is a Catch-22 situation. Until the Corporation makes more parking spaces, there will be no space to park your vehicles.

Satish Gharge a businessman says Appropriate parking facility has to be provided by the corporation. The citizens have paid road tax at the time of purchase of vehicles. Public parking place Is basic need, hence providing basic amenities is the onus of officials before imposing the law.

3 thoughts on “Parking Issue: Whose Job is it Anyway?”

  1. With thousands of four wheelers in city, the recent police notification on NO -parking, has left us wondering how to enter the city. The only Parking, in Burud galli, can accommodate around 40 vehicles. Laxmi parking is private and it’s always full. Senior citizens, like me, can’t go to the market. We all request the police to call ” People’s Opinion ” and then decide. The present situation is like Mughalai. Hope good sence prevails.

  2. Instead of making the entire city limits (quite literally) as No PARKING zones, the CCB should have turned them into Pay and Park zones and should have then left it to the public to decide whether they are willing to park their vehicles or not. The police should then have enforced this rule instead. This sheer lack of coo

  3. Improper planning and approval of commercial building with useless basements are one of the factors and there is Nexus between all these parties..This problem,presently has no solution


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