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The hands that make a God – in search of destiny

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Madhav Gurunath Vaze aged 71, an inmate of Shantai Vrudhashram Belagavi is busy making Ganesh Idols for the Ganesh Festival. This is his second year of making Ganesh Idols at the Ashram.
This year he has made 40 Ganesh Idols.
Vaze joined the Ashram in 2015 and now he is completely engrossed in his passion for making Ganesh Idols. He starts his work as soon as he gets up in the morning and keeps himself busy making the idols of the Ganesha from clay, that too without using any molds. Apart from being eco-friendly as they are made from clay all are very lightweight as all are hollow idols
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Speaking to AAB, Vaze said he used to work as a spray painter in a garage in Vasco Goa and then joined the Ashram as there is no one to look after him. He is unmarried and originally hails from Sirsi.

He said he used to help his father to make Ganesh Idols when he was about 12 years old and since then he always loved to make them, but with his work, he never got time to do it. But now in the ashram, he was encouraged to develop this art and with a first two sort of failed attempts he now makes beautiful idols out of clay.


And to his surprise directors of the Ashram have already booked his idols to be taken to their home for the festival, for which he is very elated.

He used to make a lot of idols when he was a kid along with his father in Bhatkal, Manipal and Dharmasthal.

In his twilight years, he is keeping his life living with his wonderful work and setting an example to others that art is in each one and age is no bar to practice it.

7 thoughts on “The hands that make a God – in search of destiny”

  1. Dear Madhav Sir,

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for the art & especially making Ganesha.

    I too love making Ganesha & will re-start soon, dont want to wait as long as you waited……….

    God bless you!

    Thanks & regards,

  2. Dear Dada ,
    really happy to see u engaged in your passion , if we wish to book a Idol , how can we do that?
    great work by shantai ashram
    regards,rajendar v joshi

  3. Dear Editor,
    Could you please give more details about the ashram where Mr Madhav Vaze lives. This could give an idea about the ashram and people may help in any way possible in terms of charity and funding.

  4. Dear Madhav Kaka,

    We all appreciate your love and passion towards your work at this age too.

    I will visit you also will take a loving ganesh idol for this times festival.

    Vijay More sir, Can you please keep some idol in your office near railway gate.

    we can collect it.

    Thanks Sir for giving a chance to share your feeling to such elder parents.


    M S Sattegiri-Patil


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