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Party will have to tread carefully on Belgaum

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Source: Hindustan Times
It is a win they were desperate for. But the victory in Karnataka is likely to bring some discomfort to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Maharashtra.

The party will now have to be very careful about the stand it takes on the dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra over the Marathi-dominated border district of Belgaum. “Linguistc identity has, in recent times, become a dominant flavour of Maharashtra politics,” said political scientist B. Venkatesh Kumar. “With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, one needs to look at the positioning of the Maharashtra BJP, especially when its ally, the Shiv Sena, is very vocal about Belgaum.”

The BJP has won seven of the 10 seats in Belgaum, even affecting the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti, which has been fighting for Belgaum to be included in Maharashtra.
The Sena has been very aggressive about the Marathi-speaking population in Belgaum with party chief Bal Thackeray threatening in 2005 to attack Kannadigas in Maharashtra if a single Marathi-speaking person was harmed in Belgaum. Nearly half the population in Belgaum is Marathi-speaking. Despite this, the district was included in Karnataka.

Sena leader Subhash Desai said, “The Sena will try to pursue this issue. With the BJP in power there (Karnataka), we will appeal to them.”
Maharashtra BJP’s state general secretary Madhu Chavan said the party’s central leadership would try its best to evolve a solution. “As far as Maharashtra BJP is concerned we are with Shiv Sena and the people of Belgaum. If Marathi-speaking people in the area want to live in Maharashtra then their demand must be met.”

Kumar said the issue could create some tension between the allies. “It will require a lot of political maneuvering at a senior level on both sides,” he said.

7 thoughts on “Party will have to tread carefully on Belgaum”

  1. Mr Author Can you provide some proof in terms of statistics with the number of people residing etc for this ???
    “Nearly half the population in Belgaum is Marathi-speaking. Despite this, the district was included in Karnataka.”#

    Belgaum belongs to Karnataka and will also belong to Karnataka, Maharasthra people should go through the mahanjan report, Not sure why still this unwanted scuffle, where they are not gonna get anything !

  2. Dear Kannadiga,
    I dont have stats at this moment and my view here is not to add any petrol to the scuffle but to just let all Belgaumites know what the media says abt Belgaum. when the states were organised majority people were marathi speaking and there is no doubt in that, i think you will also adhere to this fact.
    With time things have chnaged and now I guess the marathi people have to fight for not getting into maharashtra but for their basic rights which the constitution gives them. Like all info in marathi. In UP all the info can be got in Urdu also, but here to get the voters list in marathi the marathi people had to fight and at the last moment marathi voters list was published. This is just one example.
    Now with the new BJP govt at the helm of it, BJP will have to look at it differently as Yedurappa said that he would give the marathi people special treatment. I dont know what it means.

    This blog is a place to share info about belgaum and i am just sharing info that i have. You may have different opinions, all will have. I just covered the media and not what i wanted to say.

    • Belgaum distict has around 13 talukas

      Belgaum- Kannadiga- 40% Marathi- 40% Urdu- 15% Others- 5% as their mother toungue but almost 85% people know kannada as well as marathi as language of business

      Khanapur: 60% – Marathi, 40% kannada

      Chikkodi: 65% Kannada 35% Marathi ( Majourely Nipani and surroundings)

      Athani: 75% kannada 25% other

      Hukkeri: 90% kannada 10% other

      Gokak: 95% kannada 5% other

      Raibag:95% kannada 5% other

      Ramdurg: 95% kannada 5% other

      Bailhongal: 95% kannada 5% other

      savadatti: 95% kannada 5% other.

      etc: So ovarhaul Kannada people have majority of more than 85% in a belgaum district, which is clear mandate that it belongs to Karnataka

  3. We do agree with response given by admin. The fight for rights of marathi people is going since 1956 (formation of Karnataka), where this Kannadiga fellow might have not born also. He should not play with emotions of local marathi people, otherwise they will search him and teach the lesson if he trying to hurt the calm and peaceful citizens.

  4. stop these things friends … since independence both kannada and marathi people lived together … and are living together .. its only few who are spoiling the charm … lets not continue on this issue .. tell ur friends as well .. lets think of something productive for our future … belgaum has had enough because of this issue … lets start thinking of its development and improvement .. neighbouring districts are getting benefited because of our problems, dont you people notice that … though we have higher potential than others, we are still lagging behind. we are all educated and we should understand the needs of our loved city

    jai hind !

  5. Why u people raising the isuues which have been burried down long ago, here in belgaum distict mom is kannadiga and dad is marathian and vice versa, then how come people will decide whom they belong to … As far as my knowledge Karnataka govt did its best, there are so many govt marathi schools run in best manner, I think marathi peoples haven’t been tortured or humiliated, this is the rumour that is spread by MES to gain political advantage…( Which is basterds party and has no clear goal)

    why maharashtra opposes mahajan committes recomantions which is formed by its demand when Y B chowan is in power

    What else could maharashtra will do if it comes in its terretorry, will spread randi bazaars like sangli, miraz, kolhapur etc… It will trat it as un wanted son came to home to fetch its resource

    I love it to be in India and in karnataka

  6. Inspite of 3/4 of the population is marathi( this is the fact which everyobe knows) speaking in belgaum why cant the government issue all the govt. published documents in marathi and kannada both, what will happen if they issue this can resolve most of the problem in belgaum……… why the govt. want to change the name of belgaum and its culture, this is happening because of some bloody selfish politicians.People are not for the Govt. but the govt. is for the people. Govt. should understand the need of the people and come to the point of resolution. My mother tongue is Marathi and I am happy to be in Karnataka or any of the place of India, because I think language is for communication and for understanding between two people and not to make it profession politically.

    My message to all the people of Belgaum and Govt.of Karnataka is that lets resolve this issue now by treating equally to marathi and kannada people living in Belgaum through honesty and peacefully and lets focus on development of Belgaum……..Proud to be an Indian first….Jai Hind……..


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