Traffic signals await inauguration

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rpd On this blog a story was posted on March 11,2008 Belgaum getting many Traffic Signals:Khanapur Road widened.

It is the end of May now and still this traffic signal awaits inauguration. The newly installed signals at Globe circle and RPD cross are still not working. Belgaumites thought that riding on roads would become a bit easier, but to their despair, still they await inauguration. Now that the new BJP govt is there in Belgaum and we have two BJP MLAs we should expect someone to inaugurate them.

In the past couple of months, the traffic sense of Belgaumites has changed to a certain extent and all that is thanks to the Traffic sub inspector Narayanswamy. He with his staff has given Ganpat Galli a breather earlier by removing all the hawkers from the street. Markings put on both sides of the roads all over the city so that the vehicles are parked properly within these markings. Half of Huns talkies road has been reserved for car parking.6-7 cars can now also be parked in front of Bata showroom in Hutatma chowk. Now going ahead with this, yesterday the Kapelshwar road got road dividers in the form of barricades. The Kapelshwar road rail crossing was a headache for the commuters in the area when the same used to be closed for kapleshrdrail crossing. Now the said road has been converted to a one way for four wheelers so the trucks and tempo being stuck at the railway gate will be avoided and the smooth flow of traffic will be there.
Therefore, the next time you drive in Belgaum be careful to park correctly or be ready to shell a fine.

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