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Passerby who tried to intervene petty squabble injured seriously

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A passerby who was passing through Congress road around 5.30 PM saw that a security guard had a squabble with some 3 men and when he tried to intervene, the men who were allegedly in a drunk state attacked the passer by who was got some serious injuries on his head.

pride-fightThe incident occurred near NKGSB bank on Congress road, where eye witness said three men who came from a Bar in the same building could not pick up their bike and their bike fell upon the bike of the security guard of NKGSB bank.

The guard helped them to lift the bike which the three could not do together. After this the guard realized that his bike had some minor damages as the bike fell, and when he said this , the men started to hit the guard and in the mean time the passerby tried to intervene and he was badly hit by the men. Some people also said that the men snatched the rifle of the guard and hit him. 

The injured passerby was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

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