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23 January last date for stopping business in Basement

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The city corporation of Belagavi has issued an appeal asking all the business being carried out in the basement be stopped by January 23, 2017.

The appeal says that the multi storey buildings take permission for parking and then violate the buildings norms and make shops in the basement which actually is marked for parking.

Due to the basement occupied with shops there is a serious parking issue in Belagavi and hence all the shop owners who are running their business in the basement have been asked to stop such business by January 30, 2017 and make the alloted space for parking as it had been approved in the map.

The Commissioner has warned violators to voluntarily shut down the illegal establishments at their own cost. In case of failure to do so, City corporation will take steps to shut them down as per provisions of the KMC Act, 1976.

The appeal also mentions that this time this is a joint operation by the Police and City corporation of making basement free of commercial establishments and making it available for parking.

0 thoughts on “23 January last date for stopping business in Basement”

  1. Every time the issue is raised and it stops again. Hope at least some good might happen this time to relief a bit of parking problems to the public at large.

  2. Building owners are infact selling
    basement spaces
    and some fools are buying as they doesnt know the rules
    these time corporation has to take rigid steps to remove
    all basement shops from complexes
    after 23rd jan
    as there is very serious issue of parking


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