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Patient dies in Auto as no one sees him at Emergency in Civil Hospital

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In a heart wrenching incident a 45 year old lost his life in an auto which brought him to the civil hospital after he complained of chest pain.

The patient was not attended in two private hospitals and were referred to Civil hospital. But at the Civil hospital the patient was sweating and complaining of chest pain none of the doctors from the emergency saw the patient for an hour and he breathed his last in the auto it self, the family members said.

2 thoughts on “Patient dies in Auto as no one sees him at Emergency in Civil Hospital”

  1. It’s an tragedic incident. Doctors should not forget the professional ethics. We understand the situation but still could’ve saved the patient by at least first aid. I would like you remember ‘Lady with a Lantern’

  2. No value for general public in India it’s reality
    No one cares anybody, but all persons came to know what time Amitabh Bachchan took his morning tea when he was admitted in hospital recently
    may be there are 21 specialist doctors in his bed waiting for his any order
    forget junior doctors no counts
    It’s great general public is like dust in India
    Who is accountable to his death that’s the question?
    All should roar now atleast
    Otherwise this will always continue
    May be if we say more doctors may go on strike.


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