Pay 75% of the HESCOM bill under protest – Belagavi Chamber of Commerce

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All associations of Belagavi District have made a joint representation to the HESCOM officials under the banner of Belgaum Chamber of Commerce and Industries at the Belgaum Foundry Cluster, Belagavi on June 13 2023 regarding the extraordinary charges levied in the electricity bills, billed in June 2023.

The meeting was attended by Shri Mohammed Roshan, IAS, MD HESCOM, Prakash Patil Director of Finance and Shri Prakash V, Chief Engineer Belagavi Zone, and his team.

The members have appraised the severe repercussions of the price hike regarding fixed charges, energy Charges, and FPPCA levies. After extensive discussion with all the association office bearers and HESCOM MD, below are the conclusions.


1) For the Bill made in the month of June 2023, we have explained the difficulties in paying this exorbitant amount and we have requested that consumers will pay 75% of the total bill amount of the June 2023 bill under PROTEST. This has been agreed by MD, HESCOM

2) The rest 25% pending amount of the June 2023 bill has been deferred interest-free Payment of this is deferred up to 31 July 2023, giving time to HESCOM to find a resolution from the appropriate authority

3) A proposal was placed before MD HESCOM for a waiver of Rs 2.55 per unit FPPCA raised in June 23 bills. MD HESCOM said he would take up the matter with the appropriate authority for resolution and revert back.

4) The above points put forth are for all Commercial and Industrial Installations (HT/LT)

It is noted bearing that these are discussion points and not a final order.

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