People unaware of sale of liquor under CL-7D

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Government has recently launched a special scheme for SC/ST people, which can able them to avail new licence for the sale of liquor under CL-7D, to be issued by excise department on conditional basis. However, due to the unawareness about the mentioned scheme, no applications have been received till date, said Excise department Joint Commissioner (Enforcement and Investigation) Y Manjunath.excise belgaum

Speaking this to the reporters here on Tuesday, Manjunath informed that the mentioned scheme was launched by the government on June 9 of this year. He said that it offers license for the sale of liquor under CL-7D, on condition that the applicant should possess a hotel and boarding with minimum of 15 double bed rooms in urban areas or a minimum of 10 double bed rooms in rural areas, with attached toilet to each of them.

Manjunath informed that the fee structure per annum differs according to the areas under the mentioned scheme. `In the City Corporation area with more than 20 lakh population, the fee per annum is Rs 6.60 lakh. Whereas in City Municipal Council area limits, the fee is Rs 4.30 lakh per annum. For licence in Town Municipal Council/Town Panchayats, the fee is Rs 3.64 lakh and in other areas, it is Rs 2.80 lakh per annum,’ he said. He clarified that the license only permits sale of liquor along with food served to the guests lodged in the boarding.

Detailing about the norms for availing the license, Manjunath said that the applicant has to own a building with spacious kitchen and ventilator, apart from being able to provide parking facility to the customers round-the-clock. He said that the establishment shoudl be located 100 meters away from pray houses, educational institutions, hospitals and government offices. Also, it is a must that the building has to be a minimum 220 meters away from both state or national highways, he said.

Manjunath said that those applicants who offend the rule or regulations, are punishable under IPC sections of 481, 482, 483, 484, 486 or 489. Also under the NDPS Act-1985, they will not be eligible to get the license, he concluded.



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  1. A host of various category of liquor vends across the state in both rural and urban areas has already caused liquor consumption to go up exponentially, especially in Noth Karnataka. The authorities need to curb opening of any more liquor vends and instead reconsider renewal of licenses of at least some of the existing ones.

  2. Hello sir\madam i just want to know wheather is it complousary to have restaurant byb our own or if its ok with if we have on lease thank you .


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