DC asks why cant Auto charge by meter

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DC NJayram in a meeting along with the RTO and other officials asked the authorities to implement meter in autos by September 1.

He also said that the order of max capacity of 6 students in auto, must be followed and strict action taken against offenders.

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All those autos plying without permit must be identified and seized.

Speaking out the DC asked the authorities that if they can’t implement the above they should report the same to him and he would send the same to Bangalore.

It may be recalled that in August 2013, DC Jayaram had issued similar orders but the RTO failed to implement the Auto fares for reasons known only to it. It did act on a day or two but the entire momentum fizzled out and the arrogance of the Auto drivers after that has even grown says a commuter. Speaking to AAB a commuter said, All that we want is Fare to be charged according to meter which is a law, the implementing authorities are not interested due to some vested interests may be that the same is not been implemented in Belgaum ever.

Even now he said that it is very skeptical that anything good will happen, its all on paper. 

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  1. Auto are covered with non transperent glass, even action needs to be taken on this. this is to avoid any upcomming dangers


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