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New Traffic Signal management at First gate

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After getting mixed response to the barricades put up at First gate it has now been decided that a new traffic signal management can solve the issue.

Ramesh Raizade of Multiprod India gave a demonstration to the authorities including Satish Jarkhiholi.

Under the new signal system there would be plastic dividers placed on Congress road near the signals making way and differentiation of people who want to turn right and turn left and this will solve some chaos.

Proposed traffic management at First gate Belgaum
Proposed traffic management at First gate Belgaum


Proposed traffic management at First gate Belgaum
Proposed traffic management at First gate Belgaum


The transformer on the other side of the railway gate will be moved so is the Auto Stand. The high mast lamp at the Ganesh Chowk will be also be moved.

On Deshmukh road the signal would be placed at Dalvi sales, hence all vehicles will stop at Dalvi sales and not come near the gate (Shukurwar peth). This will solve the chaos at the gate.

Commuters intending to go towards Roy Road, Maharshri road will go straight on Mandoli road and not directly to Roy road.

On Congress road commuters intending to go cross the gate must keep to their left and others to the right and go forward.

This new signal management system could be commenced from Monday.

After this there wont be any barricades but people will have to follow the signals and deployment of police constable is a must as the trains can come at any time and the signal will have to be manually controlled. And for anything to be successful the co-operation of the citizens is a must.


5 thoughts on “New Traffic Signal management at First gate”

  1. The people need to start following basic rules and common traffic courtesy before any system can have effect.
    I can guarantee that this system will fail as the people in Belgaum just do not consider it their duty to follow traffic rules.
    To implement this system successfully you will need to have atleast 10 policemen for the first week or two making sure everyone follows the system. Later atleast 3 policemen are needed to maintain the system for another month or so.

    • Ban cycles on the busy roads.Take disciplinary actions for default Two Wheelers.
      Otherwise these people won’t improve.Conduct an awareness programme for cyclists.
      Why people need policeman and Court ,if they are educated,if they are at fault they must agree and sort out the matter amicably.

  2. Firstly, this seems good be tried out. We also need many such traffic “de congestion ” systems / signals at CBT as we face a hell lot of traffic jams and people are at risk. The police should NOT allow road side vendors on all roads in side city. They are creating mess out of it.

  3. If we all strictly follow the traffic rules and ensure that the defaulters are made to pay fines, we will not need many police men. Today the defaulters are not scared of the police as they are mostly let off with warning. Except for the over-speeding check between second gate and third gate on Congress Road, we do not see traffic police checking any other traffic offenders. Wrong parking is another common nuisance on most of the busy roads of Belgaum. Further, I would request the authorities to consider preventing heavy vehicles plying through the city’s main arterial roads between 9 am and 8 pm.


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