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Perception needs to be changed: Bussinessline says Belgaum is in Maharashtra


Before reading, this post read this DISCLAIMER: I am posting news from all media regarding Belgaum. My sole aim is to just make all Belgaumites aware of how the Media treats Belgaum and how the media as a whole make assumptions. Earlier I had quoted another similar story of a IIM A alumnus and this time this story is from Businessline & Businessline says source PTI(Pres Trust of India)

“NRCB scientists were evolving a method by which banana stem juice could be made to powder form, which has curative properties in treating diseases like kidney stones. Once perfected, the technology would be transferred to pharmaceutical industries, he sa id. The centre has also developed a patent technology to extract wine from banana skin and had joined hands with a group in Belgaum in Maharashtra to commercially produce banana wine. A pilot plant would soon be set up, pending approval from the union g overnment. – PTI “

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See original Story on Businessline here

My earlier post had received about 12 comments, so if you go to see such posts get the maximum response, but I am not here like the TV media who can stick on to a single news bit for a whole day, let it be Bindras Gold or a boy in the well, for them all is part of the business, but its not mine.

We as responsible citizens of Belgaum should come up and fight against such nuances (Pro Marathi’s, reading this will now call me Pro Kannada) a fact is a fact. Today it self Ratan Tata at last has decided to get out of West Bengal after the politics over Singur land. Similar things are happening here also. Come one now cheer up, I know your blood is boiling but Cool it, think over, will it make any difference at all.



  1. MR R it seems that u have more opinion than infomation.india was free 0n 15 august 1947 but people of belgaum are still slaves. its not the marathi people of belgaum who go as cable line diggers to goa,they are not the ones who live on road sides and excreat on roadsides.it would be nice if your politician can concentrate on providing work here.the supreme court is jusy enough to know what belongs where and they will let u know .it is upon to petty minded people like u to do something for the kanadigas in other parts of the state.i guess you’ll have only banglore to dream about as the rest go to hell.first settle these issues then think of maha rashta.


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