Performance report of Suresh Angadi in 15 and 16 Loksabha


PRS tracks the functioning of the Indian Parliament and works with MPs from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha across political parties and MLAs from various states.

Here is the consolidated data for our Member of Parliament Mr. Suresh Angadi in the 15th and 16th Loksabha.
th Loksabha was his third term as Member of Parliament for the Belagavi Constituency.




  15th Loksabha 16th Loksabha
Suresh Angadi 67% 91%
National Average 76% 80%
State Average 68% 79%
No. of Debates
Suresh Angadi 25 38
National Average 37.9 67.1
State Average 21.2 48.2
No. of Questions
Suresh Angadi 332 26
National Average 300 292
State Average 350 372

6th Loksabha ( Data corresponds to the period from 1 Jun 2014 to 13 Feb 2019.)

Attendance details of Suresh Channabasappa Angadi (91% Attendance)
Session Attendance
Monsoon Session 2018 – 94%
Budget Session 2018 – 86%
Winter Session 2017- 92%
Monsoon Session 2017 -100%
Budget Session 2017 – 100%
Winter Session 2016 – 90%
Monsoon Session 2016 – 100%
Budget Session 2016 P.2 – 77%
Budget Session 2016 P.1 – 81%
Winter Session 2015 – 90%
Monsoon Session 2015 – 94%
Budget Session 2015 – 100%
Winter Session 2014 – 77%
Budget Session 2014 – 81%
First Session- 100%

16th Loksabha
Debates (Participated in 36 Debate)
Date Debate title/Bill name Debate Type
21.12.2017 (i) Government Resolution, (ii) Supplementary Demands for Grants–Second Batch for 2017-18 Budget (General)
02.08.2017 Issues related to BJP workers killing in Kerala Special Mention
02.08.2017 Issues related to political killings in Kerala Special Mention
19.07.2017 The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Public-Private Partnership) Bill, 2017 Government Bills
19.07.2017 Discussion on the agrarian situation in the country LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
29.03.2017 (i) The Central Goods and Services Tax Bill, 2017 (ii) The Integrated Goods and Services Tax Bill, 2017 (iii) The Goods and Services Tax (Compensation to States) Bill, 2017 (iv) The Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Bill, 2017 Government Bills
24.03.2017 Need to establish an ayurvedic centre in Uttarakhand and include yoga and sanskrit in educational curriculum Special Mention
22.03.2017 Request to direct the Karnataka State Government to act against the racial attacks on the people of the North-Eastern region Special Mention
22.03.2017 Regarding the issue of of racial attacks on the people of the North-Eastern region Special Mention
22.03.2017 Demand to raise the remuneration of anganwadi workers Special Mention
16.03.2017 Demands for Grants Nos. 1 to 3 Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Budget (General)
08.02.2017 The Union Budget 2017–18 Budget (General)
28.07.2016 Regarding the water dispute betwneen the states Special Mention
26.07.2016 Include mulberry and sugarcane in PMFBY Special Mention
05.05.2016 Request to repair the railway bridge in Belgaum which was constructed during the British regime Special Mention
04.05.2016 Request to issue strict directions to the Karnataka State Government to immediately disburse the balance amount of Rs.18.27 crore to the farmers Special Mention
03.05.2016 The Budget (General)–2016-2017 – Demands for Grants No. 50 Budget (General)
10.03.2016 (i) The Budget (General) – 2016-17 and (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (General) – 2016-17 Budget (General)
09.03.2016 Request for early completion of work of railway over-bridge in Belgaum and need to construct a new building for KV in Belgavi Special Mention
18.12.2015 Lack of railway over-bridge and request to develop the airport in Belagavi, Karnataka Special Mention
15.12.2015 Request the leaders of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa to resolve 40 year dispute concerning water resources in the district, Mahadayi and Kalasa-Banduri. Special Mention
27.11.2015 Discussion on the commitment to India’s Constitution as part of 125th Birth Anniversary Celebration of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Others
07.05.2015 Need to release funds for construction of Road Over Bridges on level crossing Nos. 385 and 388 in Belagavi in Karnataka LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
29.04.2015 Regarding acute shortage of drinking water in Ramdurg, Bailhongal, and Saundatti and other parts of Belagavi District, Karnataka Special Mention
21.04.2015 Demands for Grants (Railways) – 2015-16 Budget (Railways)
17.03.2015 Regarding reported death of an IAS Officer at his residence in Bengaluru Submissions by Members
16.03.2015 The Budget (General) – 2015-16; (ii) Demands for Grants on Account (General) – 2015-16; and (iii) Supplementary Demands for Grants (General) – 2014-15 Budget (General)
11.03.2015 Request to make an assessment regarding the damages caused due to rain in Karnataka and compensation to farmers Special Mention
19.12.2014 Regarding alleged grant of bail to terrorist of Mumbai terror Attack by a Pakistani anti-terror court Special Mention
01.12.2014 The Textile Undertakings (Nationalisation) Laws (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2014 Government Bills 
01.12.2014 Regarding set up the Karnataka Appellate Tribunal as early as possible Special Mention
30.07.2014 Issues related to construction of Income Tax building opposite Safa Masjid in Karnataka Special Mention
24.07.2014 The Finance (No.2) Bill, 2014 Government Bills
17.07.2014 (I) Budget (General)–2014-15 (II) Demands for Excess Grants (General) –2011-12 Budget (General)
15.07.2014 need to provide adequate compensation to farmers of Kammakeri village in Belgaum Parliamentary constituency in Karnataka in lieu of acquisition of their farm land for Kudachi-Bagalkot railway project in the State LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
11.06.2014 Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address
Questions details of Suresh Channabasappa Angadi (26 questions asked)
Date Title Ministry or Category
28.11.2016 DBT in Kerosene Petroleum and Natural Gas
25.11.2016 Safeguarding Patients Privacy Health and Family Welfare
25.11.2016 Cancer Research Health and Family Welfare
24.11.2016 Outlay required for Renewable Energy New and Renewable Energy
24.11.2016 Projects under Sagarmala Shipping
23.11.2016 Izzat Passes Railways
23.11.2016 Subsidy to BSNL Communications
23.12.2015 Suvidha Trains Railways
21.12.2015 Tamper Caps for LPG Petroleum and Natural Gas
17.12.2015 Gobar Gas Plants New and Renewable Energy
07.05.2015 Polavaram Project Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
05.05.2015 Protection of Humayun Tomb Home Affairs
13.03.2015 Insurance Claims Under PMJDY Finance
13.03.2015 NGOs Finance
10.03.2015 Marketing Intervention Scheme Agriculture
09.03.2015 Railway Ticketing Railways
09.03.2015 Setting up of Railway Universities Railways
23.12.2014 Ban on Plastic Boards Environment, Forests and Climate Change
17.12.2014 Agreement signed with NASA Prime Minister
12.12.2014 Cases of Ebola Health and Family Welfare
12.12.2014 Medical Research Health and Family Welfare
14.08.2014 Untidy Passenger Utility Items Railways
14.08.2014 Bio Toilets in Railways Railways
12.08.2014 Pension to Artists Culture
08.08.2014 Acquisition of Land for Widening of Road Defence
31.07.2014 Toll Plazas Roads


15th Loksabha (Data corresponds to the period 3 Jun 2009 to 21 Feb 2014.)

Attendance details of Suresh Channabasappa Angadi (67% Attendance)

Session Attendance
Winter 2013 – 40%
Winter 2013 – 58%
Monsoon 2013 – 95%
Budget 2013 – 38%
Winter 2012 – 10%
Monsoon 2012 – 74%
Budget 2012 – 86%
Winter 2011 – 100%
Monsoon 2011 -69%
Budget 2011 – 74%
Winter 2010 – 70%
Monsoon 2010 – 54%
Budget 2010 – 81%
Winter 2009 – 38%
Budget II 2009 – 77%
First 2009 – 100%

15th Loksabha
Debates (Participated in 25 Debate)
Date Debate title/Bill name Debate Type
05.09.2013 Request to provide compensation of Rs.50,000 per hectare to arecanut growers of Karnataka Special Mention
04.09.2013 Request to restrain the Tamil Nadu Government from interfering in the irrigation projects of Karnataka Special Mention
26.08.2013 The National Food Security Bill, 2013 Government Bills
26.02.2013 Situation arising due to drought and hailstorms in various parts of the country LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
14.08.2012 Lack of proper treatment facilities for kidney disease pateints in the country Special Mention
15.05.2012 Request to remove the cantonment from Belgaum,Karnataka Special Mention
13.05.2012 Sixty years Journey of the Indian Parliament Government Resolutions
30.04.2012 Issue related to storage of crops and lack of sacks Special Mention
29.03.2012 Need to hand over cantonment board land for road widening work near Ashoka Circle, Belgaum in Karnataka LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
27.03.2012 Budget (General) Budget (General)
20.03.2012 Abolish the system of collection of entry tax in cantonment areas of Belgaum, Karnataka LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
15.03.2012 Plight of indian expatriates working for Global Steel Nigeria Special Mention
22.12.2011 Need to allocate funds for widening and maintenance of roads under the control of Cantonment Board in Belgaum, Karnataka LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
12.12.2011 Regarding need to transfer land belonging to Defence Department in Belgaum district, Karnataka to Belgaum district Authority to ensure smooth flow of traffic in the area LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
08.12.2011 Regarding need to provide land under Defence Authority for setting up of Water Treatment Plant at Belgaum, Karnataka for supply of water to residents of the city LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
28.11.2011 Regarding need to start the construction of school building for Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 3 at Macche in Belgaum, Karnataka LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
22.11.2011 Need to provide funds for construction of Rail Over Bridges at level crossings at Tilakwadi First Gate and Kapileshwar temple in Belgaum, Karnataka LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
24.03.2011 The Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2010 Government Bills
23.03.2011 Need to construct own school building and non-payment of rent by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, Belgaum Special Mention
15.03.2011 Maintenance of MP flats in-and-around Delhi Special Mention
02.12.2010 Shift Bagdad Asmara Firing Range to Ramdurg and Marihal Ranges in Belgaum Taluka, Karnataka LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
29.07.2010 Regarding need to shift Bagdad Asmara firing range in Karnataka to some other place LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
15.12.2009 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways) – 2009-10 Budget (Railways)
09.07.2009 The Budget (General) – 2009-2010 and Demands for Excess Grants (General) – 2006-2007 Budget (General)
08.07.2009 General Discussion on the Budget (Railways) for 2009-2010 Budget (Railways)
Questions details of Suresh Channabasappa Angadi (332 questions asked)
Date Title Ministry or Category
17.12.2013 Pension to Artists Culture
16.12.2013 Budget for Defence Defence
16.12.2013 Belgaum Cantonment Defence
16.12.2013 Ceasefire Violations by Pakistan Defence
13.12.2013 Child Abuse Women and Child Development
13.12.2013 ATM Security Finance
12.12.2013 Izzat Monthly Season Pass Railways
11.12.2013 JNNURM-II Urban Development
06.05.2013 Defence Projects Defence
22.03.2013 Service Tax on Infrastructure Companies Finance
22.03.2013 Fake/Counterfeit/Substandard Drugs Health and Family Welfare
22.03.2013 Price of Natural Gas Petroleum and Natural Gas
22.03.2013 India-Japan Cooperation in Tourism Development Tourism
21.03.2013 Use of Non-Urea Fertilizers Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
20.03.2013 Import of Light Water Reactors Prime Minister
19.03.2013 Safety Standards for Foodgrains Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
18.03.2013 Debt Relief Package for Coffee Growers Commerce and Industry
14.03.2013 Drought-like Situation Drinking Water and Sanitation
14.03.2013 Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Science and Technology
14.03.2013 Concurrent Evaluation System Rural Development
14.03.2013 Rail Reservation through Internet Railways
13.03.2013 Amnesty scheme of UAE Overseas Indian Affairs
13.03.2013 Increase in Telecom Tariff Communications and Information Technology
13.03.2013 KVS in Rented Buildings Human Resource Development
12.03.2013 Pension for Senior Citizens Social Justice and Welfare
11.03.2013 Modernisation of Sea Ports Shipping
08.03.2013 Overhaul of Securities Laws Finance
08.03.2013 Investment in Renewable Energy Sector New and Renewable Energy
08.03.2013 Impacts of Banks Strike Finance
08.03.2013 WHO Warning against New Global Respiratory Virus Health and Family Welfare
08.03.2013 Gas Pipeline between Dabhol and Bengaluru Petroleum and Natural Gas
07.03.2013 Cut in Fertilizer Subsidy Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
07.03.2013 Water Management Pacts Water Resources
07.03.2013 Special Trains for Kumbh Mela Railways
06.03.2013 National Aviation University Civil Aviation
06.03.2013 Pending Projects Urban Development
04.03.2013 Road Accidents Roads
04.03.2013 Skill Development Corporation Labour
04.03.2013 Steel Production Capacity Steel
01.03.2013 Losses of oil PSUs Petroleum and Natural Gas
01.03.2013 Export of Diesel by IOC Petroleum and Natural Gas
27.02.2013 Discontinuation of Studies Human Resource Development
27.02.2013 Fee Hike in IITs Human Resource Development
26.02.2013 Crime against Women and Children Home Affairs
26.02.2013 Food Wastage Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
26.02.2013 New Norms for PSUs Coal
26.02.2013 Prices of Vegetables Agriculture
22.02.2013 Prices of Petroleum Products Petroleum and Natural Gas
22.02.2013 Movement of Tourists in N.E. States Tourism
22.02.2013 Solar Energy in Rural Areas New and Renewable Energy
22.02.2013 Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakaram Health and Family Welfare
05.12.2012 Ban on Bulk SMS and MMS Communications and Information Technology
04.12.2012 Awareness of Consumer Laws Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
04.12.2012 Housing for EWS and LIG Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
03.12.2012 Survey on Drug Abuse Social Justice and Welfare
03.12.2012 Funds for Textile Sector Textiles
03.12.2012 Noise Pollution by Fire Crackers Department of North Eastern Region
03.12.2012 Flexibility in Labour Laws Labour
29.11.2012 Hydro Policy Power
29.11.2012 Setting up of New Fertilizer Producing Plants Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
29.11.2012 Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme Medium Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
27.11.2012 Packaged Food Item Industries Food Processing Industry
27.11.2012 Agricultural Profession Agriculture
27.11.2012 Alternative for Endosulfan Agriculture
27.11.2012 Ban on Endosulfan Agriculture
26.11.2012 National Manufacturing Policy Commerce and Industry
26.11.2012 Export Duty on Iron Ore Steel
26.11.2012 Child Labour Labour
23.11.2012 Oil Consumption Petroleum and Natural Gas
23.11.2012 Child Marriages Women and Child Development
23.11.2012 Fuel Subsidy Request Finance
23.11.2012 Cases of Dengue, Malaria and Chikungunya Health and Family Welfare
22.11.2012 Quality Standard of Drinking Water Drinking Water and Sanitation
22.11.2012 Sick/Loss Making CPSEs Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
07.09.2012 Private Sector Investments Power
06.09.2012 Gas Pipeline between Dabhol and Bengaluru Petroleum and Natural Gas
05.09.2012 Expansion of Telecom Facilities in Rural Areas Communications and Information Technology
05.09.2012 Packages for Infrastructure Development Prime Minister
04.09.2012 Telecast of Olympic Games Information and Broadcasting
04.09.2012 Illegal Stay of Foreigners Home Affairs
04.09.2012 Proposals for Coastal Security Home Affairs
03.09.2012 Classification of Bamboo Environment and Forests
03.09.2012 Rehabilitation of Released Bonded Labourers Labour
31.08.2012 BRPSE on Air India Civil Aviation
31.08.2012 Foreign Companies in Power Sector Power
31.08.2012 Availability of Dialysis Machines Health and Family Welfare
31.08.2012 Assistance in ICDS Scheme Women and Child Development
30.08.2012 Sanitation Facilities Drinking Water and Sanitation
30.08.2012 Economic Viability of Railways Railways
28.08.2012 Pulses under PDS Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
27.08.2012 Survey of Job Trends by Labour Bureau Labour
27.08.2012 Import of Ammonium Nitrate Commerce and Industry
24.08.2012 Development of Solar and Wind Energy New and Renewable Energy
24.08.2012 Export of Power Power
24.08.2012 Death of Indians Abroad Overseas Indian Affairs
24.08.2012 Arbitrary Increase in Charges by Airlines Civil Aviation
24.08.2012 Counterfeit Drugs Health and Family Welfare
23.08.2012 Skill Based Placement Programme Rural Development
22.08.2012 Promotions to Athletes Prime Minister
22.08.2012 Mechanism to Monitor PPP Prime Minister
21.08.2012 Investment in Agriculture Agriculture
21.08.2012 National Innovation Council Information and Broadcasting
21.08.2012 Processed Food Products Food Processing Industry
17.08.2012 Processing of Passport Applications External Affairs
14.08.2012 Review of Food Management Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
08.08.2012 Harassment of Students Human Resource Development
22.05.2012 Depiction of Alcohol and Smoking Scene Information and Broadcasting
22.05.2012 Leaving of Force by CAPF Personnel Home Affairs
21.05.2012 Electronic Toll Collection System Roads
21.05.2012 Land under Possession of Army Defence
21.05.2012 Share of IWT Shipping
21.05.2012 Trade in Manufacturing Sector Commerce and Industry
17.05.2012 Growth Rate of Petroleum and Natural Gas Sector Petroleum and Natural Gas
16.05.2012 Cancellation of Licenses Communications and Information Technology
15.05.2012 World Food Programme Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
14.05.2012 Allocation of Funds under Disability Act, 1995 Social Justice and Welfare
11.05.2012 Clean Energy New and Renewable Energy
11.05.2012 Import of Equipments Health and Family Welfare
10.05.2012 Safe Drinking Water Drinking Water and Sanitation
09.05.2012 Bleak Job Prospects in Aviation Sector Civil Aviation
09.05.2012 Reforms in Coal Sector Coal
08.05.2012 Food Stocks Management Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
08.05.2012 Sowing of Crops Agriculture
07.05.2012 Withdrawal of Troops From Siachen Defence
07.05.2012 Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 Labour
03.05.2012 Performance under MGNREGS Rural Development
30.04.2012 Conservation of Forests Environment and Forests
30.04.2012 Pollution Norms for Industries Environment and Forests
30.04.2012 Financial Assistance to Prevent Drug Abuse Social Justice and Welfare
27.04.2012 Closure of Banks/Insurance Companies Finance
27.04.2012 Wind Power Projects New and Renewable Energy
24.04.2012 Digital Addressable Cable TV System Information and Broadcasting
24.04.2012 NDMA Guidelines on Disasters Home Affairs
30.03.2012 Foreign Direct Investments in Tourism Tourism
30.03.2012 Priority Sector Lending Finance
30.03.2012 Orphan/Street/Destitute/Neglected Children Women and Child Development
30.03.2012 Clinical Trials Health and Family Welfare
29.03.2012 Houses Built under IAY Rural Development
28.03.2012 Exploitation of Indian Workers Overseas Indian Affairs
27.03.2012 Kidnapping Racket Home Affairs
23.03.2012 Rehabilitation of Victims of Trafficking Women and Child Development
23.03.2012 Renewable Energy Sources New and Renewable Energy
22.03.2012 Approach Paper for Safe Drinking Water Drinking Water and Sanitation
22.03.2012 Take overs of Indian Pharmaceutical Companies Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
22.03.2012 Doubling Projects in the Country Railways
21.03.2012 Cyber Security Capabilities Communications and Information Technology
20.03.2012 Drought Affected States Agriculture
20.03.2012 Per Capita Availability of Foodgrains Agriculture
19.03.2012 Status of SEZs Commerce and Industry
19.03.2012 Law on Drunken Driving Roads
15.03.2012 Prices of Petrol and LPG Petroleum and Natural Gas
13.03.2012 Metro Rail Projects Urban Development
13.03.2012 Food Prices Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
13.03.2012 Use of Stadium Youth Affairs and Sports
13.03.2012 Allotment of Houses by DDA Urban Development
20.12.2011 Functioning of Private FM Radio Channels Information and Broadcasting
19.12.2011 Public use of Defence Land Defence
16.12.2011 Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Finance
15.12.2011 Placements from Law Universities Law and Justice
14.12.2011 Agreement between India and UAE External Affairs
14.12.2011 National Transport Development Policy Committee Prime Minister
13.12.2011 Job Opportunities in FPIs Food Processing Industry
13.12.2011 MoU in Broadcasting Sector Information and Broadcasting
13.12.2011 Metro Train Services Urban Development
12.12.2011 Joint Naval Exercise with Japan Defence
12.12.2011 Increase in Trade Deficit Commerce and Industry
12.12.2011 Review of Textiles Policy Textiles
09.12.2011 Request of Railways Finance
08.12.2011 Employment in Agro and Rural Industries Medium Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
08.12.2011 Availability and Utilisation of Groundwater Water Resources
08.12.2011 Medical and Emergency Facilities at Railway Stations Railways
07.12.2011 Tele-Density in the Country Communications and Information Technology
07.12.2011 Targets and Achievements of Eleventh Five Year Plan Prime Minister
02.12.2011 Allocation of Power to States Power
02.12.2011 Death due to Malnutrition Health and Family Welfare
01.12.2011 New Pension Scheme in PSUs Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
30.11.2011 Mobile Number Portability Communications and Information Technology
29.11.2011 Stampede Cases Home Affairs
29.11.2011 Agricultural Production Agriculture
28.11.2011 Environmental Clearance to Lavasa Project Environment and Forests
28.11.2011 Construction of Expressways Roads
28.11.2011 Army Helicopter into Pak Airspace Defence
28.11.2011 FDI in Single Brand Commerce and Industry
28.11.2011 Labour Unrest Labour
25.11.2011 Opening of Bank Branches Finance
24.11.2011 Pricing of Petroleum Products Petroleum and Natural Gas
07.09.2011 Restructuring SSC Prime Minister
06.09.2011 Global Technology for Food Processing Sector Food Processing Industry
06.09.2011 Soil Testing Agriculture
06.09.2011 Funds under SJSRY Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
05.09.2011 Artillery Practices Act Defence
02.09.2011 Healthcare Facilities under NRHM Power
30.08.2011 Food Security Act Information and Broadcasting
29.08.2011 Shipbuilding Centre Shipping
25.08.2011 Loan to MSME Medium Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
25.08.2011 Setting up of PCPIRs Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
23.08.2011 Special Agriculture Zone Agriculture
19.08.2011 Panchayat Empowerment and Accountability Incentive Scheme (PEAIS) Panchayati Raj
19.08.2011 Foreign Assistance in Tribal Development Programme Tribal Affairs
18.08.2011 National Water Policy Water Resources
18.08.2011 Safe Drinking Water Drinking Water and Sanitation
18.08.2011 Availability of Gas Petroleum and Natural Gas
17.08.2011 Safety of Nuclear Power Plants Prime Minister
16.08.2011 Affordable Houses to All Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
16.08.2011 Wastage of Food Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
16.08.2011 Provision for Parking Space Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
12.08.2011 Sale of Prescription Drugs Health and Family Welfare
11.08.2011 Scanning and Frisking at Stations Railways
11.08.2011 Loss Making PSUs Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
10.08.2011 Raising Retirement Age Prime Minister
10.08.2011 Jobless India Bound Workers Overseas Indian Affairs
09.08.2011 Export of Processed Food Food Processing Industry
09.08.2011 Improvement in Procurement and Storage Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
05.08.2011 Nyaya Panchayat Bill Panchayati Raj
16.03.2011 Un-utilised Equipments Communications and Information Technology
16.03.2011 Lawful Interception and Monitoring System Communications and Information Technology
16.03.2011 Accidents in Airports Civil Aviation
15.03.2011 Niacin in Seeds Agriculture
14.03.2011 Automobile Pollution in Cities Environment and Forests
11.03.2011 Excise Duty on Tobacco Products Finance
10.03.2011 Irregularities against LPG Distributors Petroleum and Natural Gas
10.03.2011 Ailing Companies Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
10.03.2011 Sharing of Cost Railways
09.03.2011 Overcharging by Telephone Operators Communications and Information Technology
09.03.2011 Utilisation of Spectrum Communications and Information Technology
08.03.2011 Deployment of School Teachers on Census Duty Home Affairs
07.03.2011 Environmental Clearance to POSCO Plant Environment and Forests
07.03.2011 Amendment in Indian Forest Act, 1927 Environment and Forests
07.03.2011 Toll Collection on NHs Roads
07.03.2011 Malnourishment among Children and Women Women and Child Development
07.03.2011 Conservation and Management of Wetlands Environment and Forests
13.12.2010 Functioning of DGDE Defence
10.12.2010 Financial Assistance from United Nations Women and Child Development
09.12.2010 Introduction of Rail Services Railways
08.12.2010 Twenty Point Programme Statistics and Programme Implementation
08.12.2010 Ground Water Level Water Resources
07.12.2010 Collaboration in Agriculture Sector Agriculture
03.12.2010 Data on STs in Corporate Industry Tribal Affairs
01.12.2010 National Transport Development Policy Prime Minister
30.11.2010 Additional Allocation under PDS Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
29.11.2010 Recruitment of SCs in Corporate Industry Social Justice and Welfare
23.11.2010 Shortage of Storage Space Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
23.11.2010 Sugar Mills Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
22.11.2010 Defence Lands Defence
18.11.2010 Increase in Prices of fertilizers Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
18.11.2010 Railway Infrastructure in Karnataka Railways
16.11.2010 Survey on Honour Killing Home Affairs
16.11.2010 Accidents on NHs and Expressways Roads
15.11.2010 Setting up of Ship Building Units Defence
12.11.2010 Review of Schemes for Street/ Destitute/Orphaned Women and Child Development
12.11.2010 UNDP Assisted Rural Tourism Projects Tourism
12.11.2010 Anganwadi Workers Women and Child Development
27.08.2010 Supply of Coal Power
26.08.2010 Appointment of Handicapped Persons in Railways Railways
25.08.2010 Implementation of Schemes Prime Minister
20.08.2010 Impact on Oil Subsidies Finance
16.08.2010 Share of Public Sector Telecom Companies Communications and Information Technology
16.08.2010 Assistance for Scholarships Social Justice and Welfare
12.08.2010 Rail Projects in Karnataka Railways
12.08.2010 Profit Margin on Medicines Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
11.08.2010 Nalanda University Bill External Affairs
11.08.2010 Forest Cover Environment and Forests
11.08.2010 Voting Rights to Overseas Indians Overseas Indian Affairs
10.08.2010 Media Freedom Information and Broadcasting
09.08.2010 Provision of Mobile Services Communications and Information Technology
06.08.2010 Shortage of Doctors and Para-Medical Staff in Rural Areas Health and Family Welfare
06.08.2010 Garbage Treatment Plants Urban Development
06.08.2010 Fiscal Deficit Finance
05.08.2010 Quota for Disabled Persons in CPSUs Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
04.08.2010 Encroachments of Monument Areas Prime Minister
03.08.2010 Blackmarketing of Wheat Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
03.08.2010 Caste Based Census Home Affairs
03.08.2010 Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana Agriculture
02.08.2010 Extension of RSBY to MGNREGS Workers Labour
30.07.2010 Under Construction Power Projects Power
30.07.2010 Cases of Influenza A H1N1 Health and Family Welfare
30.07.2010 Sale of Expired Medicines Health and Family Welfare
29.07.2010 Reforms in Judicial System Law and Justice
28.07.2010 National Archives of India Prime Minister
28.07.2010 Cleaning of River Ganga Environment and Forests
28.07.2010 Union Carbide Waste Environment and Forests
27.07.2010 Honour Killings Home Affairs
26.07.2010 Assistance under ADIP Social Justice and Welfare
26.07.2010 Auction of 3G and Broadband Wireless Services Communications and Information Technology
07.05.2010 Loans under SGSY Finance
06.05.2010 Accession by Multi-national Companies Chemical and Fertilisers and Pharmaceutical
05.05.2010 Distribution of Water under International Law Water Resources
29.04.2010 Uniform Civil Code Law and Justice
28.04.2010 Biotech Research for Development of New Crops Science and Technology
28.04.2010 Effective Implementation of MPLAD Scheme Statistics and Programme Implementation
28.04.2010 Agro-Meteorological Advisory Service Earth Sciences
28.04.2010 Semester System Human Resource Development
27.04.2010 Packaged Drinking Water Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
26.04.2010 Improvement in Telecom Services Communications and Information Technology
26.04.2010 Delay in Implementation of MNP Services Communications and Information Technology
22.04.2010 Price of Petroleum Products Petroleum and Natural Gas
21.04.2010 Indo-Maldives Agreement in Renewable Energy Sector External Affairs
20.04.2010 National Policy for Farmers Agriculture
20.04.2010 Wadhwa Committee on PDS Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
20.04.2010 Commodities under ECA Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
19.04.2010 Dyslexia and Autism in Disabilities List Social Justice and Welfare
16.03.2010 Funds to NGOs for Various Programmes Youth Affairs and Sports
16.03.2010 Package for Sick Small Scale Industries Medium Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
15.03.2010 Modernisation of Post Offices Communications and Information Technology
15.03.2010 Drinking Water Schemes Rural Development
12.03.2010 World Bank Loan Assistance for Urban Sector Projects Under JNNURM Urban Development
11.03.2010 Contact Zone at IGIA Civil Aviation
11.03.2010 Production of Crude Oil Petroleum and Natural Gas
11.03.2010 Allotment of Petrol Pumps/LPG Agencies Petroleum and Natural Gas
10.03.2010 E-waste Environment and Forests
09.03.2010 Construction of New Godowns Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
08.03.2010 Promotion of IT Sector Communications and Information Technology
08.03.2010 Industrial Manufacturing Growth Commerce and Industry
08.03.2010 Hijacking of Ships Shipping
04.03.2010 Social Activities by Oil Companies Petroleum and Natural Gas
03.03.2010 Raising Retirement Age Prime Minister
03.03.2010 Review/Revision of Tiger Conservation Schemes/Plans Environment and Forests
02.03.2010 Committee on Prices Consumer Affairs and Food Distribution
02.03.2010 Development of Agro and Rural Industries Medium Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)
18.12.2009 Captive Power Plans Power
09.12.2009 Introduction of Nanotechnology Related Courses Human Resource Development
07.12.2009 New Industrial Policy Commerce and Industry
30.11.2009 Indo-US Trade Pact Commerce and Industry
27.11.2009 Prednisolone for Influenza A H1N1 Health and Family Welfare
27.11.2009 Solar Energy Generation New and Renewable Energy
19.11.2009 Upgradation and Modernisation of Airports Civil Aviation
19.11.2009 Implementation of SIMRAN Railways
04.08.2009 Committee on Fisheries Agriculture
22.07.2009 Irregularities in CGHS Dispensaries Health and Family Welfare
14.07.2009 Deep Sea Fishing Agriculture
13.07.2009 Deep Sea Fishing Projects of MPEDA Commerce and Industry
13.07.2009 Protection to Fishermen in Deep Seas Defence

PRS tracks the functioning of the Indian Parliament and works with MPs from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha across political parties and MLAs from various states. PRS provides a comprehensive and credible resource base to access Parliament-specific data, background information on Parliamentary and governance processes and analysis of key legislative and policy issues.



  1. Good data. Also we, citizens must know what is the utilisation level of MP funds allocated to Our MP & what is state & National average for the funds utilisation. If you get this data please publish in the public interest. Also let our MP publish his official progress card for his tenure in the public interest.

  2. Great. So informative. Keep up good work. Hope Citizen of Belagavi make good decisions so that the Representative works for overall betterment of Belgaum and India

  3. Why so much against Army which is soul and mascot of Belagavi. 15.5.2012 and moving of firing range which is there since many decades before his decision to build college next to it.

    • Friend it is not against army the firing range there is since Britishers regime now if you think practically the ranges are amidst civilization and hence danger to the life of civilians as the city is expanding. I am not sure but as per rule firing range should be 25 kms away from civilization and also lands of many farmers owned by them as per property extract come within these ranges and hence they are not able to cultivate the farms


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