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Petrol in Goa will be cheaper by Rs 21 than in Belgaum

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Manohar Parrikar today presented the state budget in which it has almost abolished the VAT on Petrol and in the state of Goa alone the cost would be reduced by Rs.11 per liter.

In Panji the currently a liter of petrol costs Rs.65+ and after this reduction it will cost about Rs.54 per liter.

Where as in Belgaum with a whopping 30% Vat and cess and surcharge on the same Belgaumites need to pay Rs.75+ per liter.

So it means a whopping difference of Rs.21 between two states. In the state of Maharshtra the cost of petrol is lesser by Rs.4-5 when compared to cost in Belgaum. Like just 15 kms from the city in Shinnoli one will have to pay Rs.4-5 less than in Belgaum.

The tax on Petrol is the highest in Karnataka.

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  1. Even we have BJP govt in state and much larger revenue returns then Goa , still the state govt ave put up more cess , is it justified,? Belgaum annual contribution to state ex-chequer of 1000 plus crores has never yeilded any good project such as Dharwad Belgaum Duble rail line , and other infrstructre such as ring road. the current budget has totaly missed belgaum RCU devlopemtn fund.

  2. There is a saying.. “Whole is more than sum of it’s parts”.. problem is with the geography of the sates.. small state can be managed with the small scale reshuffle in the budget… but state like Karnataka it would be difficult to carry yearly drought prone district like Gulburga & Bidar as sailors.. (it would be offence to mention like still they are).. n about Maharashtra, being swollen with surplus budget doesn’t make standard of comparison..!
    Check for the day when centre will declare for 0% subsidy on the LPG & other fuels..! it would be much worse and stringent update..!


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