Physical activity is a must for everyone

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Fit India movement (National Sports Day) program was held on 29th Aug2019 at BIMS Belagavi in association with Lakeview foundation and Rotary club Venugram Belagavi.

The program was presided by Director of BIMS Dr.S.T.Kalsad. He spoke about walking and running daily is essential for physical and mental fitness of our body without spending money.

Dr.Anil Patil spoke about Fit India Movement initiated by Honorable Prime Minister Govt Of India, as a tribute to Shri Dhyan Chand on the eve of his birthday. He also stressed on the prevention of many diseases by running and routine exercises.

Dr. Rohit Joshi eminent General Surgeon highlighted about Marathon 2019 and uses of marathon running to our body in detail.

bims-sportsDr. Shashikant Kulgod Director Lakeview hospital Belagavi gave a brief speech on the importance of running and it will prevent many diseases related to heart and bad effects due to sedentary lifestyle.

Belagavi Half Marathon will be held on 29th Sept 2019 and it will be organized jointly by Lakeview foundation & Rotary Club Of Venugram, Belagavi.

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