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PK to be screened under police protection in Belagavi

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In an escalation of protests against Aamir Khan movie ‘PK’, Sri Ram sena, Bajrang Dal activists on Tuesday tore the posters of the movie at Swaroop-Nartaki. And the theater did not screen its first

Globe, Swaroop, Inox and Big cinemas are screening the movie and all theaters will screen PK under police protection as per sources.

The Bajrang dal and other outfits are against the movie for making “fun” of Hindu gods and godmen and warned that its screening be stopped. PK has several scenes that hurt religious sentiments of Hindus and has written to the information and broadcasting ministry, demanding a curb on such movies and changing the character of the censor board.

7 thoughts on “PK to be screened under police protection in Belagavi”

  1. An open minded hindu can never object to these movies, Bajarang Dal has no right to talk about hindu sentiments. They just want to be in news for some or other reason. Its a must watch movie and there is nothing objectionable in it. If taken in right perspective its an “Eye Opener”

  2. “TRUTH HURTS”,, Thats the reason for BD,,and BD doesnt have the guts to accept TRUTH & thats the Main Fact !!
    Let BD ban “ADULT MOVIES (Posters in Public Places)/ B Films / Shops which sell this kind of movies,,” I bet they cant do.

  3. Yes, I completely agree with Sanjay. This movie is an eye opener, Bajarang Dal is using this movie for its politics and nothing else. This movie is truly an eye opener for those who have blind beliefs and superstitious.

  4. Instead of doing all this nonsense. They could have have put the same effort and raised a voice for the dead Tiger I would have agreed upon their stand for the Tiger.

  5. Whatever has shown in this movie is TRUTH there is similar movie in marathi called Daeul (Temple) starring nana patekar, why did not anyone raise their wise that time. PK dosent tell to loose faith in GOD but not to have blind faith on some people called BABA’s who loot people in name of GOD. The message is “SERVE GOD IN MAN”. We people give some amount in religious places but do we know or are we sure where and how are they used. Some people dont have any work other then doing such kind of processions and making uncomfortbale for common people.


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