Plastic ban: Corporation to impose fines if seen with carry bags



Though initially the officials were seen conducting raids and imposing fines, as the days passed by, the enthusiasm has petered out.
Now again the Belagavi city corporation has issued a statement stating that the implementation of the plastic ban will be adhered to in total.


All shop owners have been advised that, they should not use any plastic bags, carry bags and if they are found to be doing so their trade license would be canceled.

The city corporation has also stated that anyone seeing carrying a plastic bag will be fined as per the rules.

The government notification makes specific mention that plastic, no matter its thickness, is banned across the State. “No shopkeeper, vendor, wholesale dealer, retailer, trader, hawker or salesman shall use plastic carry bags, plastic banners, plastic buntings, flex, plastic flags, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons, cling film and plastic sheets for spreading on dining table, irrespective of thickness including the above items made of thermacol and plastic, which use plastic microbeads”. The only exemption granted is for the export units, apart from the plastic used for milk and milk products and plant nurseries.

Non-woven poly bags are also banned.

No industry or person shall manufacture, supply, store, transport, sell and distribute plastic in Karnataka. The notification makes specific mention that plastic, no matter its thickness, will be banned across the State.

If you choose to step out with a plastic bag in your hands, chances are you could be facing a Rs 500 fine or upwards.




  1. Still many shop keepers are packing groceries in a plastic bag, where is ban? Why not City Corporation providing help line to report such lapses. Over Corporation help line 08312435316 I have suggested this but nothing vis done so far. I think it is not reported to higher authorities.

  2. Why should one be fined if seen with plastic bag? One should be fined if one if found throwing a plastic bag in public places. I think we have a misplaced prejudice against plastic. We are conveniently hiding our irresponsibility of misusing plastic.

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