Plastic ban to be implemented rigorously from Oct 2

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Ministry of Environment said the government, for now, will ask states to enforce the existing rules against storing, manufacturing and using some single-use plastic products such as polythene bags and styrofoam.

India shelves plan on countrywide ban on single-use plastic products. 

Central Govt officials said there would be no immediate move to ban plastic bags, cups, plates, small bottles, straws and certain types of sachets and instead the government would try to curb their use.
But as already the State of Karnataka on March 11 2016 issued an official gazette notification stating a complete and total ban on plastic and all plastic and thermacol products in the State.

The government notification makes specific mention that plastic, no matter its thickness, is banned across the State. “No shopkeeper, vendor, wholesale dealer, retailer, trader, hawker or salesman shall use plastic carry bags, plastic banners, plastic buntings, flex, plastic flags, plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic spoons, cling film and plastic sheets for spreading on dinning table, irrespective of thickness including the above items made of thermacol and plastic, which use plastic micro beeds”. The only exemption granted is for the export units, apart from the plastic used for milk and milk products and plant nurseries.

no-plasticplasticNo industry or person shall manufacture, supply, store, transport, sell and distribute plastic in Karnataka. The notification makes specific mention that plastic, no matter its thickness, will be banned across the State.

If you choose to step out with a plastic bag in your hands, chances are you could be facing a Rs 500 fine.

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  1. It’s easier said than done! Who is going to enforce it! Authorities come up with plans put it on piece of paper and sit back hoping everything will be done.


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